Program surveying Olde Town

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

CONYERS -- The Conyers Main Street program began surveying Olde Town businesses last week to develop a Web marketing plan to attract customers and highlight business opportunities in the city's historic district.

Existing businesses will have a spot on the Main Street program's website, www.conyersmainstreet.com that will include profiles, services offered and a history of each business.

Monica Coffin, Main Street Conyers manager, called the project a "perfect platform for Conyers to share its past and promote its future."

She added that other communities use websites to promote communities, but that the emphasis is on economic development. Coffin said this effort will focus on Conyers' historic commercial district.

"We will include available properties that will link to information on low-interest loans through state agencies, tax credit information and more," Coffin wrote in an email response to questions. "In addition to this information, there will also be the preservation component with the history of the buildings. We will be requesting the public's assistance to help provide pictures of Olde Town from its early beginnings through today. We will then use this information on each property's page to assist with the expansion of the historic component of the site."

Coffin and her associates began visiting businesses Friday to collect information on the buildings and images to be used for virtual tours of the buildings. Coffin said the project is a huge undertaking for her office. She hopes the efforts pay off with more attention given to Olde Town Conyers.

"Each phase of the project is going to take time, but the finished product will be something our community will be proud of," she said. "We are hoping to have the property database with Web pages completed by the end of August."

In other news, merchants in Olde Town Conyers held their first Jazz in July event Friday night. Visitors can enjoy live entertainment outdoors along Commercial and Center streets. The series will run every Friday night from 6 p.m. to midnight.