Weekend family fights keep CPD busy

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

COVINGTON -- Covington police officers were kept busy over the Fourth of July holiday weekend primarily with a series of family fights.

Last Friday evening. CPD officers were summoned to Zaxby's restaurant on the Covington Bypass by a woman who told them she was involved in an altercation with her mother-in-law at their residence at 13140 Grey Wolf Lane.

According to a CPD incident report, Ibtihaj Alexander, 36, told officers when she arrived home she noticed that her jewelry box "had been sorted through and tampered with. The only other person home at the time was Mrs. Alexander's mother-in-law Desiree Girard," the report states.

Alexander told officers she confronted her 64-year-old mother-in-law in her bedroom and she admitted she had been in the jewelry box, but said it was with the permission of Alexander's husband.

At this point, she said the two women began pushing each other and eventually landed on the bed and were "equally fighting."

"Mrs. Alexander said she somehow raised up off the bed, ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife," the report stated. "Mrs. Alexander ran back to Ms. Girard's room with the knife and told her if she touched her again she would have no choice but to defend herself."

Officers noted scratch marks on Alexander's chest as well as "a small cut on the bottom of her gums."

Her mother-in-law said when Alexander approached her she was being "loud, rude and using profanity" and that she "noticed a Coke bottle in Mrs. Alexander's hand and she had her other hand hidden behind her back ... Mrs. Alexander further approached Ms. Girard and spat in her face. Ms. Girard punched Mrs. Alexander and Mrs. Alexander threw the bottle at Ms. Girard ... and tried to raise the knife to Ms. Girard."

After this the two continued fighting until Girard told her "this was senseless" and Alexander ran out of the room. The officer noted that Girard had scratches on her face and "several marks on her left forearm that appeared to come from a knife."

Both Alexander and Girard were arrested. Girard was charged with Family Violence battery and Alexander was charged with aggravated assault.

Another family fracas occurred Friday night when two brothers got into an altercation over a girlfriend being called a vulgar name.

Officers were summoned to 5202 Hillcrest Drive regarding the fight between Jon Trevor Townley, 19, of that address and Clinton Damon Townley, 30, of 1786 Kirkland Road.

It was alleged the fight began when Clinton Townley was overheard by Trevor Townley calling the latter's girlfriend a "skanky b----." The two brothers began to fight and during the course of the scuffle, Clinton Townley allegedly produced a hammer and used it on his brother. According to a CPD incident report, Trevor Townley was observed to have bruising to the left side of his chest, his left and right knees, the left side of his torso, the right side of his forehead, right side of his neck and the top of his head. There was also a large hole in the living room wall.

Both brothers were treated at Newton Medical Center. Clinton Townley said he wanted to apologize to both the girlfriend and his brother. He alleged that his brother picked up a vase and attempted to strike him with it and he then brandished the hammer.

Both brothers were charged with battery under the Family Violence Act and criminal trespassing. Trevor Townley was also booked for an outstanding probation violation warrant.

Called to a family fight at 10122 Morris Drive about 1:15 a.m. last Saturday, while en route CPD officers found a 24-year-old pregnant woman "screaming and thrashing around" in the middle of Griffin Lane.

Officers recognized the woman, Ashley Cook, from the description given of one of the combatants involved in the family fight and stopped and tried to calm her down.

"The female continued to kick her feet into the air and roll from side to side," the officer said in an incident report, adding that there was also an unidentified male with her. "I was asking the male if he knew what, if anything, was wrong with her. He stated she had just left her grandmother's house and that the two had been arguing."

The officer got the woman calmed down enough to speak to her and confirmed she was involved in a dispute with her 71-year-old grandmother. The officer took her back to her grandmother's house on Morris Drive and learned that the grandmother was Morris' "legally assigned caretaker" for her Social Security checks and financial affairs.

The grandmother told officers Cook had demanded she turn over all her money to her, but she had only given her $375, withholding the rest to pay her rent. When the grandmother attempted to explain, she said Cook began attacking her.

"She grabbed (the grandmother's) hand and began to twist her arm back. (She) said she feared that Cook was going to break her hand. Cook pushed (her) to the ground and put her foot on her chest ... She said Cook then reached down and bit her on her right arm and left ring finger so hard that it began to bleed. Cook grabbed the money and ran out the door."

Officers said the altercation was witnessed by two minor children.

Cook was arrested and charged with Family Violence battery, cruelty to children and disorderly conduct.