Newton Phone Poll - 07-09-11

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"I don't remember a vote or poll being taken on the railroad purchases. Our family lives directly by the tracks and would love to have them turned into running/bike paths."

"'If you learn anything from Chop' ... I don't think I have ever learned anything from Chop!"

"To the person that said Chris Smith was propped up by his Family. So what! Your statement shows how dopey you are. The article did not say how he had to work on summer vacation and weekends either. And how hard he has had to work in that business. I Take it you are a transplant to Newton. Those of us that have been here for ever, love Newton just like it is. I say remove all tracks and give the land to the homeowners. If you are going to give stuff away, then give it to the people that live next to the tracks. Then you can move back to the land you were born in. Thank you for your time!"

"Chop, who cares you probably like looking at the boy. Real talk here. As a taxpayer who barely makes it, why do we not see more inmates working? Is it true they can't work in the same hot, hellish heat I work in to provide the food on my table for my kids. But I'm paying to have them sit in the AC and eat three times a day. I understand they can't work once it becomes 93 degrees."

"I think Chop and all who take up space with nothing instead of real concerns need a Facebook. That's where a lot the drama is. P.S. I know, I made my kids delete their profile."

"Last week you published my comments stating that when a driver is charged with DUI in this state, the refusal to take a breathalyzer test requires an automatic suspension of the drivers license for six months. The off-duty Conyers police officer who refused to take the test in Porterdale in January was eventually charged with reckless driving after the state trooper agreed to drop the DUI charge to the reckless driving charge. Both the Porterdale city attorney and judge lost their jobs over the arrangement the Conyers officer received. My question last week was what actions did the Conyers PD take in this case. You avoided any answer so I am asking a bit clearer, can you find out for us what action the Conyers PD took to resolve this case with their officer?"

Editor's note: We have filed an Open Records request for the information. Stay tuned.

"Let's understand the Covington City Council and what they are thinking about the rails-to-trails issue ... what is really motivating them. Some of the black members have been convinced that the trails are for rich white folks to use. And at least two of the white guys believe that the trails will be used by blacks coming from Rockdale and DeKalb. Those are the real issues. The more things change the more they stay the same. So now you know."

"We went to the Independence celebration on the Square last night it was so nice to go to something like that and no drunks. Please, please, city of Covington, if this event continues do not ever allow alcohol. When people spoke on mic at the stage you could not hear. It was like the mics were not good enough. We were not that far away and whenever they were talking you could not understand. Stage needs to be a little higher up so people farther away can see. I saw some police officers walking around. That was good, If the city will keep the music mainstream and try to get good groups this has potential. We also need more food vendors or if they're limiting food vendors to Square merchants only then they need to be able to handle people faster, food lines too long."

"Another great production on the Square by local volunteers. The Main Street coordinator and the Arts Association's massive expended funds (public tax dollars mostly for salaries of the staff) have never totaled, if you added every one of their events together, the number of attendees who were on the Square in Covington in one day! (On Sunday) Kudos to Mac and his people. In this time of cutting necessary public services, the Main Street coordinator and the Arts Association budgets should have been the first to be eliminated."

"Upon researching our county special projects manager's experience, as you could also do and as our commissioners should have done before the hire, there is a big black hole. Since there are no more special projects funds, either SPLOST or grants, could someone please tell us why we need this person on the payroll? And while we are on the subject, I have been told it was the present city of Covington Planning and Zoning manager whose strong recommendation opened the door for the Special Projects director. I believe, compared to experienced P/Z managers, guess what? Another huge black hole! It's a classic case of the blind leading the blind. And this guy thinks we would elect him to public office? Plllleeeezzzzzzzzzze!"

"'America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.' -- Abraham Lincoln"

"Dear Oxford bicyclists. The road signs are for you. too, not just motorized vehicles. When you run through a four-way stop, in my blind spot, don't get mad at me if I almost hit you. Stop and pay attention. Be glad I was taking off from a stop, and not doing as you, and running right through the sign. You want to know why people almost hit you, it's not always their fault. Look at yourself before pointing your finger at everyone else."

"I was calling about patriotism. It seems like all of that has gone out the window. People just throwing garbage all over the place. The roads usually stay a mess. The teachers are cheating for the students, and when I went to school that was unheard of. You have jail security mixing right in with the inmates furnishing dope and guns and whatever. I don't know, I think people ought to step back and regroup make a commitment to do better."

"This is in reply to whoever sent in the very long tirade about bigots who object to the illegal immigrants. Honey, what part of illegal don't you understand? Illegal means against the law. Nobody denies that generally these are good, decent people who want to improve their life and make a better life for their families, but they have not followed legal channels to be here. They have, in fact, snuck into the country. They cost the U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars for services that they don't pay for -- that is schools, medical services, infrastructure, etc. I think it is a huge problem and a tremendous unfair burden to taxpayers. If the Fairtax were ever instated at least the illegals would pay part of their cost. In regard to welfare recipients, it is my belief they should not be allowed to vote. If you don't pay into the government, why should you have a say-so in how it is run. There are no other countries on the planet where you can just come up and walk in and take up residence."

"Hey Mr. 'I'm upset about beer being sold on Sundays.' Yeah, I am quite upset I have done my homework and yes Jesus did make water out of wine, but that don't mean he drank it, though. I had a hundred thousand things to say to you but I'm not going to waste my breath because you can't tell no alcoholic nothing. Y'all seem to have a language of your own. All I got to say is when we all stand in front of God you ask him wasn't it wrong and see what he says."

"Recently the Newton Citizen conducted a poll about drivers in the county. The choices you gave were lacking at best. One of the worst things that I have run across is drivers that think they own the road by driving 30-35 mph in a 55 zone and stack 15 cars up behind them. Hwy. 36 is like that almost every morning and every afternoon. If you can't drive the speed limit, please pull over and let the folks that can drive that fast get by you. Be considerate and not selfish. Don't make other people take chances they don't have to in passing because of your either inexperience or inability."

"I just want to thank Newton County Fire Services, Newton County EMS, Covington-Newton County Communications, EMS Supervisor Queen, Dispatcher Hipps, and everyone else involved with the call that occurred at my residence in Stewart Hollow subdivision Saturday, June 25, at approximately 0500. Everyone was wonderful and did their best in a vary bad situation. I know that they are never thanked nearly enough for their efforts on behalf of the citizens of our county, but they have my heartfelt thanks for the attempts to save my family member's life, even though it really was too late."