Suspect arrested in Conyers razor knife incident

Photo by Chad Dalke

Photo by Chad Dalke

CONYERS -- A woman sought in connection with a razor knife assault on another woman was taken into custody Tuesday in Covington.

Tracey Heard, 35, 9144 Bent Pine Ct., Covington, was arrested by the Covington Police Department on an aggravated assault warrant issued by the Conyers Police Department. Conyers Police Lt. Jackie Dunn said the suspect is being held at the Newton County Detention Center because there was also a Newton County probation violation warrant out for her arrest. He said other charges may be filed based on the fact that some of the victim's injuries were disfiguring.

Heard is charged in the June 18 cutting of a 52-year-old Conyers woman at a gathering at 1078 Adcock Circle.

Following her arrest Tuesday, Dunn said the suspect admitted her involvement in the incident.

"She's been interviewed and admitted that she was drinking and had smoked marijuana prior to the assault and said she just lost control. She and the other lady had been arguing throughout the afternoon," said Dunn.

Two other women also face charges in connection with the incident. Latoya Darty, 35, 10147 Settlers Grove Road, Covington, was arrested June 20. She faces a charge of being a party to the crime of aggravated battery. Tanya De Bryant, 54, 9132 Bent Pine Ct., Covington, was arrested June 28 by the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office and is charged with aggravated assault.

Dunn said the victim in the incident, a resident of Green Street, has been released from an Atlanta area hospital and is recovering at home. She sustained six or seven cuts or stabs in the assault, "including some very bad cuts across her face and throat," according to Dunn.

The Conyers Police were called to the Adcock Circle residence at about 8:30 p.m. June 18 in reference to a person down. When officers arrived they found the victim laying in the front yard with other people standing around.

One of the witnesses provided police with a video of the incident he had taken with his videophone. Dunn said the video showed Heard standing over the victim, "and they are arguing about something and (Heard) takes a razor knife across her throat and then gets on her and cuts her repeatedly."

The Adcock Street residence had apparently been a gathering place throughout that afternoon, with people dropping by and leaving.

"It was just some people out drinking on their porch in the afternoon, and you can see on the video that some people stop by and visit for a few minutes and there's no problem," Dunn said in an earlier interview.

He added Wednesday that the CPD is reviewing the entire incident to see if charges may apply to the homeowners, as well.