Newton Phone Poll - 07-02-11

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"Will the city of Covington please evaluate the parking of vehicles at the intersection of Church and Conyers streets? Any time the Methodist Church has a service or an event, someone always parks directly in front of address 1189 Church St., blocking the view at this intersection. It is almost impossible to make a left hand turn off of Conyers Street on to Church Street without pulling out in to on coming traffic to see around a parked vehicle. This is a true safety issue and unfortunately my call to the city has not produced any action. I hope they will eliminate the right to park at this intersection for I am scared one day someone is going to get seriously injured there. Also, to the people parking at this and other intersections, please consider the safety of other drivers when parking so close to an intersection. Is saving a few steps walking really worth causing injury to another person?"

"Dear Commissioners, now that the 2011-2012 budget has been agreed on, let's start looking towards next year's budget. You have about eight months before discussions of the next budget approach. Raising the millage rate, cutting county services, and cutting county employees are not good ideas. I hope each of you will work on ways to bring revenue into this county over the next few months. We will be watching to see how each of you achieve this individually and as a board."

"In her the latest speech to the road department about the people who would lose their jobs, the Newton county chairperson brought up a good point. Even though there may have to be several layoffs there, she promises not to ask them to clear anymore politicians' driveways of snow. This just proves she is willing to do her part to save Newton County taxpayers money! Now if the commission would give up the insurance the county provides them it would be even a stronger show of faith."

"Just had a second break-in to my property. Stole all my yard equipment; several lawn mowers, leaf blowers and yellow mesh yard cart, etc. So, neighbor, if you buy a $300 lawn mower for $20 at somebody's house and they don't have a receipt and look like they never mow the yard, you are as guilty as the other criminals around here: Theft by receiving stolen property. Innocent neighbor, you need to wake up and be aware of what is happening on your own street. It is too easy for us to close the door, pull the blinds, sit back in the AC and watch 'Maury' being oblivious, passively letting the neighborhood go to ..... "

"To the guy who can't figure out when to go to the post office after 57 years. Hope this helps. I'll offer you some advice when not to go. Don't go the first hour they are open (i.e. 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., avoid 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and one hour before closing. Fill in the blanks for the time I go which is typically in the morning around 9:30 -- 10. By the way I have always had my mail delivered at home for 49 years -- much more convenient, saves time, money (gas -- vehicle mileage) plus we have a great USPS delivery person, Mary, and it is sorta' free and it gives you more time to wait in line at the Walmart/CVS Pharmacy to pick up your meds or most other check-out line at most any store or work on the 'honey do' list. Could not really understand what your comments about having a package sent via UPS have to do with USPS, but it really don't matter. I know they (UPS and USPS) have a connection on delivery some how for certain things but in my experience it is transparent to the sender or receiver."

"So are we really getting a Walmart on Brown Bridge and Salem Road in Covington? Hopefully they do something about the potential traffic congestion this will cause by adding more lanes etc. The real reason for my comment though, is most time the comments in this poll are so anti-immigrants (mainly illegal) ... so when this Walmart and all the other Walmart's fail financially because of a reduction of its customer base (i.e. no illegal immigrants left in the state to shop at Walmart) ... then you all can blame your Gov. Nathan Deal! I had a great laugh the other day when the statistics showed that the parolees and probationers that were being used to pick fruits and vegetables quit by midday and that they picked far less than the Hispanics -- one truckload compared to six truckloads. Some complained about the hot sun and that the work was hard. They lingered at the watering stations, took numerous smoke breaks and were unproductive! I am a naturalized American citizen and it irks me every time when I see these bigoted comments about illegal immigrants. For the most part the average person who is here illegally is because they want better for their families and are either in the process of getting documented etc. or just working to get by with the hope of not being caught. Americans act like the only people who commit crimes are blacks and illegal immigrants. Some of the most heinous crimes and drug-related crimes occur by citizens of this country and county. I am not saying illegals don't add to the crime base but everyone does. The emphasis should be on crime prevention methods for the real crooks and applaud the folks who work for a honest living ... illegal or otherwise. Half of the folks in this country would rather stand in lines for hours at DFCS waiting for welfare or food stamps than to take the jobs that some of these illegal aliens do ... prime example the parolees who were complaining about the hot sun and the hard work of picking crops at $15 per hour. Let the current workers do the job! If they are undocumented give them some type of permit that gives them the right to work and pay taxes even though they are illegal. Every illegal alien is not trying to avoid taxes etc. by being illegal ... it's the hardship in getting legalized. Both legal and illegal immigrants built this country but, no, some of the lazy entitled native born Americans would rather sit back and criticize! Be glad you were born American and have the right to live, work, get welfare, etc. Some people just want a better life and better opportunities. We are all God's children regardless of color, class, race or creed so why is it OK for some to sit and reap the benefits of welfare, etc., because they are American citizens, but illegal immigrants are begrudged and berated when all they are trying to do is to provide a better life for their family by working in this country at the jobs that the lazy welfare recipients and parolees won't even take?"

"I think the person upset because they don't want beer sold on Sundays needs to do some homework. It is wrong not to let people buy beer on Sunday. You should not be allowed to tell someone no beer on Sunday, the only reason people want this is due to Sunday being a so called lord's day. You need to learn how to separate government from religion. Jesus turned water to wine; it did not say Jesus could only turn water to wine six days a week. I miss the good ol' days in this county before it was invaded by the darkness. It seems like a certain type of people seen on TV (in the heat of the night) about a town called the bottoms and they all came here to turn the entire county into the bottoms. Where is General Nathan Bedford Forrest when we need him!"

"Here's one ... instead of PTA standing for Parent Teacher Association, let's get some results and call it Parents Take Action."

"In January an off-duty Conyers Police officer was stopped for suspected DUI and window tint violations in Porterdale. The State Patrol was called in to make the arrest and then the off-duty cop refused to take the breathalyzer test, a refusal that has penalties under Georgia law. According to Georgia Criminal Defense.com, 'If a driver has not been drinking and driving and police ask you to take a breath test and you say no, you will automatically be arrested for DUI. However, if you have been drinking and driving and decide to take the breath test and you fail by going over the legal limit of .08 percent, you will also be arrested for DUI.' Somewhere along the line, the DUI charge for the off-duty officer was reduced to reckless driving by the then-city attorney and accepted by the city judge. The City Council took rightful exception to that change and the city attorney is now the former city attorney. My question is this, what sort of follow-up action did the Conyers Police Department take in this case? Is the officer who refused to take the breathalyzer test back out making DUI arrests? What action did the Conyers PD take in this case?"

"So when was this poll conducted that shows a majority of Covington residents don't want the railroad trail to go forward? Everyone opposed to it seems to know the number of those against it are in the majority. I must have missed that vote. And as for the person who was praising the leadership of Chris Smith and endorsing him for mayor, do you even know anything more about the man? He certainly is not a self-made man. It's nice to see in his resume how he has worked his way up to the top at Newton Electric; however, it omits the fact that it is a family-owned business that he would have inherited anyway! If you like a leader that has been propped up by his grandfather and daddy, then you deserve the leadership that you get."

"Could someone please tell me who does the hiring at Newton County Water? Do you seek out the rude, witchy women on purpose? Is that part of the requirements to work there? I am so sick and tired of dealing with the ladies at Newton County Water! They abuse their authority and do so knowing that you have to deal with them and they don't care!"

"This is Chop. OK, I have a tanning boy update. I have not seen tanning boy since I wrote the article regarding this problem. I don't know if it has been the hundred-degree weather or if they are subscribers to the Citizen. Thank God that is over or maybe until cooler weather comes in. Next order of business -- I'm sure everyone can relate to this story, trying to decide where to eat with your significant other. OK, just last week my lady friend and I are deciding where to go and eat dinner. I get the famous 'oh I don't care you pick.' In translation this means I will only eat where I want to. Well, I make the mistake of choosing a place and what do I hear? 'I don't want that.' Can anyone please tell me what part of 'I don't care, you choose' am I missing. Make a long story short, there was a breakdown in communication. I chose somewhere to eat; she refused to eat and sat and watched. I got the occasional eye roll; I knew it was going to be a long night then. I received the silent treatment rest of the night. This I enjoyed because most of the time she waits until bed time, which for me is 10, to want to talk. I hear yapping in my ear oh for about 30 minutes to an hour. If you learn anything from the Chop, when your lady friend says, 'I don't care, you choose the restaurant,' don't fall for it. Remember that is not what they really mean."

"If I sneak into a place of business and steal goods over and over for a long time, I am subject to being arrested and jailed. But if I sneak across the border and steal free education, free health care, free welfare, I then can march and demand that I should be allowed to continue my theft with no penalty. If all of these thieves were to demand such freedoms from their home country then all of Central and South America would have the same rights as the United States of America fought for and won. I realize the genie is out of the bottle and we cannot send millions back, but if we can for over 50 years use 30,000 troops to guard the South Korean border, why can't we at least put a plug in our southern border? Where am I wrong?"

"Can this county take four more years of poor planning? A dysfunctional Non-Planning and Zoning office. Six commissioners that could not manage their way out of a wet paper sack. And please don't leave out the Board of No education. It does not matter what party are. They are all the same. Old James Madison and Thomas Jefferson are rolling in their graves. I would say let's elect the village idiot but I think we did that. Next year join me and write in 'None of the above.' Just like Monty Brewster would want us to do."

"Read in the newspaper where the city of Covington has agreed to cut/mow the grass/weeds along the abandoned railroad beds. Coming out of Milstead the other day, I noticed where jail inmates were mowing and weedeating along the sidewalks in that area. Wondering why Covington/Newton County can't utilize prisoners to help keep our streets and highways looking presentable. I can't see where it would be politically incorrect for them to help pay for their keep."

"Before the county can teach zoning basics someone needs to teach them first. Also they need to remember rule No. 1. The voters come first or the commissioners will finish last in November."