THE RECIPE BOX: Fried apple pie is Southern comfort food

Photo by Tori Boone

Photo by Tori Boone

Nothing says Southern comfort food like a fried apple pie, especially if it is homemade.

Conyers resident Brittany Carter Griffith said as far back as she can remember, her grandmother Hazel Whitfield, also known as Roggy, has always made homemade apple pies.

Brittany recalls as a young child walking into Roggy's house and being handed a warm freshly made apple pie.

I asked if they ate them with ice cream or anything, and she said, "Nope, we just picked them up and at them with our hands."

It wasn't until about a year ago that Brittany started making the apple pies herself. She had a large batch of apples that was going bad quickly, and she needed to do something with them.

So she called Roggy and requested the recipe that made some of her childhood memories of Roggy's cooking so sweet.

Brittany has always loved being in the kitchen. She learned to cook from her mother, Deborah Kelly, and she said she was frying chicken by the age of 10.

I've had the pleasure of dining with Brittany on several occasions. She happens to be one of my very best friends and her daughter, Hannah, who is 6 years old, happens to be my goddaughter.

By the way, Hannah doesn't miss any of the action in making the apple pies; she helps roll out the dough. Brittany said flour gets everywhere, but she doesn't care. She likes having Hannah in the kitchen with her.

Brittany has always been quite the little cook, as well as the entertainer. She feels as though when you invite someone into your home you should have something comforting to eat to share with them.

I might add she does well at both of those activities -- cooking and entertaining.