LETTERS: Snapping Shoals should use funds for efficiency

Thank you for your recent article on Snapping Shoals EMC and its proposed coal plant. As a member of Snapping Shoals for almost 22 years, I think this is something that everyone who must pay an electric bill should be following closely, and we should all be asking questions.

First, the issue of Dwight Brown's indictment brings up an interesting point -- how much has Snapping Shoals spent to date on plans to build a new coal-fired power plant? Who was the money given to and what was it used for? Clearly some of it has been used to pay for lawyers arguing for faulty permits -- how much? If it was given to Brown and his associates, are we confident that it is being spent wisely and in the best interest of all of us ratepayers?

Second, why is Snapping Shoals pursuing a coal plant when a more aggressive energy-efficiency program could meet our energy needs more quickly, more cheaply and help put locals back to work? Builders and handymen could be hired to help make our homes, schools and businesses more energy-efficient. As I crank up the thermostat, I am reminded of how woefully leaky my doors, windows and crawl spaces are. Energy retrofits have been known to cut bills and energy use by up to two-thirds!

Snapping Shoals should seriously invest in energy efficiency. They will have to think bigger and better than current limited programs. Instead of throwing money into a coal plant scheme with the under-investigation-CEO of Cobb EMC, we could all save money and put some people back to work at the same time.

-- Ed Griffin