LETTERS: BOC right to not blindly give funds to local nonprofits

I would like to thank the Rockdale County BOC for not approving the funding of Ceek to Fulfill at the rescheduled BOC meeting on Tuesday. I understand that Commissioner Oz Nesbitt was quoted as saying, "It is not the business of local government to serve as a funding source."

The only problem that I have with that statement is the omission of "taxpayers dollars." However, I do hope that Commission Chairman Richard Oden took notes when Mr. Nesbitt made that statement! In fact, I think that quote should be printed, copied and hung on the wall in each commissioner's office, just in case they should forget it. And just for the heck of it, let's insert those two little words, "taxpayers money."

Furthermore, Commissioner JaNice Van Ness proposed a change in the process for funding nonprofits, which would include a committee to make recommendations on nonprofit funding. The nonprofits applying for funding would then be required to release statements relating to purpose, reach of services and financial statement or certified audit. Bravo, Mrs. VanNess! I would like to urge the people of Rockdale County to support this proposal, which was deferred to next week for consideration.

Last but not least, our local officials should always remember that it is the "taxpayers dollars" that they are spending and not their own! And Mr. Nesbitt, thank you for that wonderful quote, and Mr. Oden, please make a note of it.

-- Tom Chastain Sr.