LETTERS: Rally at Capitol to protect the lives of unborn babies

This month we pass the 37th anniversary of the infamous Supreme Court decision allowing abortion on demand. As before, Jan. 22 is a rallying date for all Pro-Lifers to speak up and speak out for the baby in the womb.

We stand on the principle that all life and all creation is God's domain. Human life is uniquely sacred because God created us in his "image and likeness." Every human person, regardless of means or culture, is stamped by God and has a share in his divine life. Thus, every human person is to be respected and honored because we have received the dignity of God.

Scripture reminds us of our sacred origin: We are the adopted children of God.

The court anniversary and the ongoing killing of the baby in the womb cries out for our public and prayerful action. We begin with daily prayer so that we be firmly united with God's will in this matter. Pray in the heart; pray with the family; pray with other believers. Pray as Jesus taught: "Ask and you shall receive."

We also need to go public -- to reject the evils of abortion and reaffirm the inalienable right to life. We need to show our elected officials that the Pro Life Movement is not an irrational fringe group, rather it is the consensus of true believing Christians. We must take the time to come out and be counted so that all will know that the majority of Americans want legislation which protects the life of the unborn child.

Come to the Annual Pro Life Rally at the State Capitol at 10 a.m. Friday.

Remember the baby in the womb has no voice -- we must speak in justice for them.

-- Father John C. Kieran

Pastor, Saint Pius Catholic Church