Recreation Commission director wins 'I Have a Dream' Award

Photo by Corinne Nicholson

Photo by Corinne Nicholson

COVINGTON -- Recreation Commission Director Tommy Hailey is the recipient of this year's 'I Have a Dream' Award honoring a local resident who has exemplified the philosophy of Martin Luther King Jr.

Hailey received the honor at the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration held Sunday at Newton High School.

"When he became director of the Recreation Department, you might say Newton County was at a stalemate as to the direction it was going. He came in with a vision and you can see that through the present time," said the Rev. Harold Cobb, a coordinator of the event. "It was not a job; he had a vision and that included having recreation throughout Newton County, not just for one group of people but for everybody. That was Tommy's vision and he put that vision into place and his vision changed the face of Newton County as far as recreation is concerned."

The Trailblazer Award went to Bethlehem Baptist Church for its 20-year feeding the hungry program and youth programs. Cobb said this year the selection committee decided to go a different route and honor an agency rather than an individual. The Trailblazer Award honors those who have made an impact on the county through community service, blazing a trail for others to follow.

Profiles on Hailey and Bethlehem Baptist will run in a later edition of the Citizen.