LETTERS: A bipolar-type defect causing a polarizing effect

The shootings in Tucson, Ariz., last weekend of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others should be treated for what it is: A tragedy involving a deranged individual conflicting with society. However, from the start of the reporting and continuing at a furious clip, accusations and innuendos designed to put blame on the conservative right are incessant from all directions.

For those who may not understand the term innuendo, its simple meaning is a baseless collection of thoughts or ideas used to derive a desired outcome. In this case, Sarah Palin, the tea party movement, conservative talk radio and other people or groups tied to conservative thinking and principles are the "target" of many of these virile reports.

Reflect on the following facts as they happened. An armed individual showed up at a grocery store in Tucson where Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was conducting a meet and greet with some of her constituents. This individual shot Giffords in the head and then continued to fire until about a dozen people were wounded and six were dead.

But almost immediately, Sarah Palin's comments of the congresswoman's district being a target for a tea party win with a depiction of crosshairs over the district became the reason it happened. The sheriff of Pima County came out in his press conference that talk radio could be the blame for the shooter's breakdown. Everyone began planting the seed that removed it further and further away from a basic truth that -- the individual was a schizophrenic -- and plant the idea that this is just one more right-wing ideologue. It is obvious that the next step will be rampant gun control bills as an answer to "stopping the bloodshed."

Truth be told, perhaps the media should return to their original job descriptions of reporting the news based on facts and stay out of the arena of yellow journalism. The reason there is a right mentioned in the Bill of Rights guaranteeing a free press is because their job is to be a watchdog on our government. That does not give them license to create an illusion by politicizing everything they get their hands on.

If you have dismissed that there could be a media bias being broadcast at every corner, then perhaps you should open your eyes and ears to process the facts first and falsehoods as a figment of someone else's imagination.

-- Don Williamson