LETTERS: Snow, ice give reason to declare an emergency

Although I moved here from Florida a little over a year ago, I was born and raised in New England.

During the last two snow/ice events I marveled at the lack of real knowledge on the part of our DOT, local and state police, and other officials of how to approach this situation.

Here is a concept that they all should immediately embrace -- one that I was just reading about regarding New York City. Here is a segment:

"Stephen Goldsmith, whose job as deputy mayor of operations is to oversee snowstorm response, apologized to the city and the council for the many failures.

Goldsmith outlined weaknesses that the city has identified for improvement. One was the decision not to call a snow emergency, which keeps private vehicles without snow tires or chains off designated snow routes and bans parking along those routes. The city last declared a snow emergency in 2005."

The state of Connecticut has similar procedures, and law enforcement is authorized to arrest anyone caught on the roads if they are not a "first responder."

Declaration of a snow emergency also alerts local businesses and other organizations to the gravity of the situation, further helping to keep people off the roads.

-- Sanford Brown