Covington YMCA offers boot camp training

The Covington YMCA is getting ready for its next session of Boot Camp under the direction of instructor D.J. Seals. This program is available to both facility members and non-members of the YMCA.

Boot Camp is a 12-week program held at 6 p.m. on Mondays and Thursdays. Boot Camp will begin its next session on Thursday, Jan. 20.

"We are excited to offer this class for men and women of all fitness levels. D.J. is a great instructor. He encourages each participant and supports them as they succeed," said Wellness Director Audri Ross.

Seals is a five-year member of the local SWAT Team. He trained with the U.S. Army Rangers. Seal's no-nonsense approach to instructing takes into account that participants are all at different fitness levels. Participants compete only against themselves in this style class.

"We don't want people to shy away because they feel they are not in good enough shape for this class -- the idea is to push yourself to your own personal limit and use the class to get in shape. The class also challenges those already in top physical shape looking for something new. Each exercise can be done to challenge yourself, regardless of what the person next to you is able to do," said Seals.

For more information about class sessions and costs, call the YMCA at 770-787-3908 or e-mail audrir@ymcaatlanta.org.