Newton Poll - 01-08-11

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"I feel when the newspapers and TV get to throwing the words 'unemployment is at a all time high' 'economy is terrible' it may give the lazy and unintelligent losers out there an excuse to have to go out and steal, rob and as they say 'I got to do what I got to do to survive.' I myself know in the last 10 months there has been over 200 entry and experienced level positions for jobs in this area open and that's just in logistics. These so-called thugs that wave pistols around for a quick buck (what like $300-$1,000) you really think you're slick, but all you are doing is making a fool of yourself and the family member that raised you. Realize it now. It's not worth it and not after you get 10 years in the pen where you'll find yourself fighting over a Snickers bar. 'Money comes and goes, but time is lost forever,' that's my motto. Oh yeah, and don't be so naive about what these rappers be front (lie) about. They're nothing but puppets. Swag and style is an expression of yourself and not trying to be exactly like someone you see on TV."

"I'm sending an e-mail to the Citizen this week because I'm tired of seeing garbage on the side of the roads throughout the county. I believe the county needs to take the taxes they put toward these recycling centers and put them toward a county waste management system with garbage trucks. The trash you see on the sides of roads is from people taking their trash to these recycling centers. I've seen people going down the road with bags of garbage on the back of their cars, and in some cases even on the front of their cars. The county needs to start collecting residential garbage. I hope the commissioners will get to work on this and figure out a way to allocate tax money toward a county waste management company that is paid for with the taxes it takes to maintain and run these recycling centers ... "

"To the person that gave the Post Office an 'F:' Now I have only been on this planet for 66 years, lived in five different states and I can honestly say I have never had the issues you have stated. Not one lost, damaged or delayed receipt of mail. Have had shipments of packages by the other carriers damaged. My best advice to you is to advise those that send cards to mail them earlier and certainly don't play the lottery with that type of luck."

"Information on Wikipedia about the South: 'In the 21st century, the South remains demographically distinct with higher percentages of blacks. When blacks are combined with whites, it appears that the South has lower percentages of high school graduates, lower housing values, lower household incomes and higher percentages of people in poverty.' Something to consider why Georgia's test scores are so bad ... maybe reinstating segregation would be a benefit for our students. I guess we can't blame the teachers now, can we ..."

"Please inform the commissioners that the P in SPLOST is not for Pork. I cannot understand that when someone gets elected to a position where they can spend taxpayers money they forget the promises to be careful with spending. I and several people have discussed SPLOST and will vote against adding more hog feed to the commissioners' pork barrel. I also have heard people complain about the city and county law enforcement not doing more to combat crime. But when I look at the page full of arrests in the Citizen, I assume someone is combating crime. I would agree to spend money on law enforcement more than anything the porkers have come up with."

"This is to the obvious Obama supporter who stated that 'uninformed minds cut and paste.' How true that is. However, I also agree that the danger to America is the ones that elected him. They were listening to what he was saying but didn't manage to put the thoughts together. I myself don't waste my time listening to Glenn Beck because I believe that he can take a weak minded person and fill their mind with poison much like Obama did. I can think for myself and when you take your Social Security check and put it against the calendar, it doesn't fit. Also, hooray for Obama-care. I recently started on Medicare, paid extra for the supplement insurance. Wish someone had told me that I wouldn't be able to find a doctor that was taking on any new Medicare patients. To date I have made 31 calls in Rockdale and Newton counties with no success. They have no problem telling you why either -- the new health care program. I understand that there has to be certain qualifications to vote and one of them should be an I.Q. test which included questions that have to do with common sense. Even an idiot could separate the lies from the truth in Obama's campaign and now we are going to pay the price for letting idle minds vote."

"In response about and not to the person writing the comment about the person who volunteers his time at the recycle center on McGiboney Road. I do admire anyone taking their time to do a good deed for our community; however, I feel anyone working/volunteering in such a busy area as the recycle center should be county approved. Should this person be injured on county property then the county will be held responsible unless I am mistaken. No disrespect intended. Thanks!"

"Hello there, this is Pork Chop. I want to start off by saying happy New Year to everyone. I know by now you have your New Year resolutions and have probably started trying to obtain the goals you have set for the New Year. Well, Pork Chop has set one goal for the New Year: I want to be able to communicate with my Asian neighbor without a translator this year. Have you ever noticed that when you talk to someone that speaks a different language than you that you try and talk differently to them. What I mean by that is you tend to slow down when talking, you nod your head more than normal, and your eyes get real big while doing so and you even throw in a different accent. Now honestly, even though we realize they have no clue what we are saying, we still do it. So why do we still do this? So this year I want to communicate with my Asian neighbor. That is the goal I have set for the New Year. Maybe then I can tell them to put some clothes on when I catch them half naked smoking cigarettes in the morning. Yes, it still happens in the winter also."

"My concerns pertain to your news article that you printed in your Friday, Dec. 31, paper describing a robbery at Bojangles on Dec. 23. My neighbor, a 78-year old-woman, was ordered to get on the floor and lay on her stomach by the robbers. If this type of robbery had happened in Atlanta it would have made the nightly TV news. It made page 3A in the Citizen eight days later, and it was never reported in the Covington News. This behavior seems to imply that it is a common everyday occurrence and is no more that a routine part of our lives. In this article, like all crime articles, a policeman will ask the public to call a number if they have any information. I find this type of request to be strange in lieu of a lengthy police article carried by the Citizen several weeks ago. In this article three or four police officers were detailing how a citizen would be prosecuted if they reported something to the police and what they should report turned out not to be true. This sounds like a mixed up, poorly run police department to me. You could end up having more fear from the police than from the criminals."

"There is a lot of stupid and crooked things done inside Newton County. But one that tops the list for me is going on with Newton General EMS. The county pays the hospital to provide this emergency ambulance service to the taxpayers. The county and city also pay for the 911 center and employees' salaries. In other words, the 911 center and ambulance service is paid for by Newton County taxpayers. But the hospital is being allowed to use these ambulances as a money-making unit for the hospital. They take emergency ambulances out of service on a everyday basis several times a day, to transport a person from one hospital to another, or to a treatment facility, etc. While doing so they are also using the 911 center to dispatch them to these jobs. As well the 911 center keeps track of their mileage and times that is to be part of the ambulance bill. This is all non-emergency business. A business that several private ambulance services are there for all over the state. I'm sure all those ambulances would love to have their business paid for by taxpayers while they pocket a hefty profit. It's all profit for the hospital in this situation. Our taxes are paying for the ambulances and equipment, the salaries involved, the fuel for the ambulances, absolutely everything. The county and city are at fault for allowing this to happen and go on every day. Think about that next time you are waiting on a ambulance because the one you should have gotten is in Atlanta making money for the hospital."

"Baseball is gone, football is about over, now begins the worst season of all -- basketball. I think I would rather watch one ant eat a bale of hay. Boring!"

"I was calling about the state patrol officer getting shot in Atlanta. President Obama made such a big deal out of giving Michael Vick a second chance to play football. I wonder what he thinks of this man's 19 chances, and my question to that is, what, pray tell, was he doing on the street?"

"Considering the cheating scandal that is going on in Atlanta, what is Newton County doing to ensure our teachers aren't cheating to enable some students to get the HOPE grant? In regards to the Recreation Department, I think in the economic times I think the RC should bring in their activities and possibly reduce their size. We have more important things facing Newton County at this time."

"My call is about neighborhood crime in Covington. I live on Highway 36 and crime is something we have become accustomed to. My next-door neighbor's house was burglarized before Christmas and several expensive items were taken. We have had tools and equipment taken from our yard. A family friend who my family has known for over 60 years had to lay on her stomach during a restaurant robbery on Christmas Eve. We hear of crime all around us, but we see very little of it printed in the local papers. I don't believe any of these crimes are ever solved. If they were, you would think people would feel safer and the number of crimes would decrease."

"The new library will soon open with a shortage of 23,000 books. It appears that a proposal to include $400,000 in the 2011 SPLOST to purchase books was pushed back in favor of $1.1 million for an agricultural center, $1.1 million for parks (some in subdivisions), etc., etc. So much for the very important education of our students/residents. Let's force the county commission back to the drawing board. vote no on SPLOST 2011!"