LETTERS: Charter schools are a big danger to the public

I've been very interested and somewhat confused by all the chatter about "Charter Schools." I've barely gotten into the rules on the Georgia Department of Education website when it became very clear what is going on. Apparently the state is assisting the federal takeover of education. The whole apparatus of petitions and assistance is geared to obtain federal grant money.

Please go to the link provided, and click "rules." Charter schools are public schools operated under a contract, approved by the local school system, and can request waivers from provisions of Title 20 of Georgia law, or any state or local rule, regulation, policy or procedure relating to the school district. It's all about getting grants from the fed, which gives them the right to "monitor" the school. Am I the only one that sees the danger here?

Here is the link: www.gadoe.org/


-- Sharon Pharr