Newton Poll - 02-26-11

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"Until the county tells what the SPLOST is going to be spent on I will not vote for it. Transportation projects will not cut it anymore. This not a time for BOC slush funds to spend on what they think needs to be done. Too long their lack of judgment has made the people in the west side of the county suffer. By the way, two-thirds of the population lives in the 2nd and 3rd districts. And if we do not get better service we will ask the state legislators to form the city of Salem and opt out of the county mess. The committee has been formed with a goal of lobbying for the 2012 session and a vote in November 2012."

"Is clearing driveways from snow on the SPLOST transportation list?"

"Well I see where the 'Taliban-Baptists' (Georgia Christian Coalition) got their way with the Georgia Legislature and got them to back away from alcohol sales on Sundays. I am a Christian, but I despise any use of religion dogma to try to control how I live my life. Let freedom ring for everyone, and let God (not any religion) judge everyone's behavior."

"The more I read about SPLOST and the pork barrel projects, the more I want to see 'NO' votes to be the real winner."

"To the person who complained about seeing special education teachers with high-end vehicles: Apparently you didn't see this special education teacher's vehicle. Its valuation on last year's ad valorem taxes was $700: which even in your uninformed mind is not high-end! Nor are the clothes I purchase from Salvation Army and Goodwill! My pay, which is available for all to see on the NCSS Web site, does not cover my monthly bills (which are basic needs). And, may I add, that out of that pay also comes some of the teaching tools I purchase for my students so that they can have real-world experiences. If you want to know why some of us are not producing knowledgeable students, I would suggest looking in the mirror at people with attitudes towards education, such as your own. Shame on you!"

"I would like to know why the Newton County School System supports the Relay for Life when, in at least some cases, individual principals have not been supportive of employees who have very serious episodes of cancer. I don't want to go into details because it would be a breach of confidence. It seems, however, that the administrative staffs of many schools have taken a very blunt attitude that lacks compassion any time that an employee has a serious (even life-threatening) health issue. Where is the kindness that our country so desperately needs during theses difficult times?"

"I noticed the person who had the comment about the truck parking at the Kroger on Salem Road. I'm sure this person has never spent one to five weeks away from home for work and when they returned home for two days, they needed to park a vehicle. Reader, the vehicles are not on your streets cluttering them up. The road along Krogers is still currently under the control of the builder and the parking issue is a private property issue. Reader, call the owner if you are concerned or just leave people alone unless someone is interfering with your safety or freedom."

"This is in response to the person who talked about Latino Americans and Mexican Americans. No one has a problem with them coming here to better themselves, just do it legally! And another thing, this hyphenated nationality stuff is half the problem. America was founded to be one nation, not a bunch of little nations. If you come here legally, get a job, pay your taxes, support your community, you are an American. Period."

"This is in response to the letter last week from 'an educator' who said .. 'To the person that is so concerned about what types of vehicles that 'us' as educators drive ... No wonder our children can't use proper grammar. Even our 'educators' don't know the proper words to use. That should be 'we' as educators drive. Leave off the as educators and it is perfectly clear which word to use. You would not say 'us' drive would you? I certainly hope not. As the old saying goes, 'Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and prove yourself a fool.'"

"I am sick and tired of being begged for money by local high school and private league sports teams every Saturday when I shop ... . If you cannot afford to play the sport, then stay home. We didn't need $1,000 baseball bats when I played."

"Please, please tell me that the individual who wrote in last week's poll: 'that us as educators ... ' isn't truly an educator in our school system. If our teachers cannot use the English language properly, what hope is there for the children."

"Just would like offer a bit of commentary on three phone poll posts published 2-19-11. 1. Re: the person (a teacher, I'm speculating) that challenged 'just walking in our shoes for one day.' Well I worked as a sub for two years in the NCSS after retirement and guess what, I'm still walking at Turner Lake. Teaching is a great career, but it is also a chosen career. If it is so painful, get out of the kitchen. But before you jump ship, let me share some information. I worked in the private sector for 41-plus years, earned my BS degree in engineering and an MBA. During that period of time only twice did I take my full earned vacation time, which was any where from two to four weeks. The number of personal and/or sick days I took could be counted on the fingers of less than two hands, can't recall working only 40 hours /week but once, was laid off three times (two economic terminations and a company restructure) after 14, 12 and 11 years of service, moved five times. I'm not complaining, I loved my chosen career and I'm still walking and discovered there is no 'Utopia.' 2. Re: There were two posts that resorted to a very seemingly low level when they commented on posts with 'grammatical errors' and the other resorting to referring to people as 'stupid.' There two things I'd like to share with these folks living on such a high pedestal. As a wise person taught me as I was growing up 'If you can't say something nice about someone don't say anything at all.' Yep, Mom was a great teacher. The other comment I learned through life is that people are not stupid, they may be ignorant for whatever reasons beyond their control. You bet when I was much younger I did call some people stupid but stopped that shortly after I started shaving. You'll make more friends if you do. And with your seeming good education make personal attempts (w/o pay) to better educate those less fortunate than you -- it is very rewarding. In closing, chances are great that one may find a grammatical error or two in this writing. Hey, I'm just human and not looking for an 'A' on my report card anymore."

"To the person that questioned me (1-11-11, sorry for the late response). First and foremost, my kids were neither a mistake nor an accident. I had them when I could afford them, did not know I would be laid off when they were 6 and 3. And to answer your second question regarding my education and experience to be able to obtain a $20 per hour job, I was making a lot more than that prior to. I was making close to $50K. I have six years of HR experience and several certifications and education to back it up. Yes, I will agree with you regarding a night job or whatever and have the family help with child care, but the problem I face with that is they see my experience, past salary, etc. and I don't even get a call back, which I completely understand coming from HR, when someone is reviewing resumes and see someone like me apply for a job that I am obviously over qualified for, they know that as soon as something better comes along I would be out of there, which would put them back to square one, so why would they want to hire me and then have to repeat the process within six months to a year or whenever? I was the same way, so I totally understand, but that doesn't stop me from trying, just hoping soon it pays off. The point I was trying to make was that I am trying, I am exploring all options and I am not just sitting here relying on other people. I have worked a few part-time projects on some of the movies that have been filmed in metro Atlanta, so I am not just sitting on my butt collecting a check. I get out there every day and do something, look for work, call, e-mail, follow up, etc. So please understand that while there are some people that catch a ride off the government and do nothing, I am not one of them. To be able to get unemployment you have to prove that you are looking for work and making an effort. ... "

"Citizen I hope you print this. I know a lot of people have something negative to always say, but this is something positive. I just want to thank the Newton County deputy that came out last week in the afternoon to unlock my sister's vehicle. He was a very kind deputy. As someone that works in law enforcement, too, unlocking vehicle doors (majority of the time) does become a pain in the rear. Thank you NCSO deputy for your service!"

"I cannot for the life of me understand why some people feel it's OK to park in fire lanes. A good example is in the lot at the Brown Bridge/Ga. 20 Kroger. Getting a movie or waiting for someone to go in the stores is just not acceptable. Friday and Saturday are terrible with incoming cars , grocery carts coming out, and three-way stopped cars trying to turn. Only once have I witnessed a deputy having a driver move a car. There are plenty of parking and handicapped spaces . ... "

"This is in response to the editors note in regards to the kids that show livestock. I have attended these shows and there must be an interest in this because there are always a lot of spectators at these events. So are readers of these events not important?"

"My response is in bold print for the man who said he just bought new glasses at Walmart and stated he did not see a large number of high-end cars etc. at the teachers meeting at Turner Lake. Walmart must have sold him safety glasses since dozens of other people saw their high-end cars when they arrived, and the teachers don't deny driving them. They respond by saying it is none of nobody's business. These teachers and our Board of Education people need to look at what is going on in Wisconsin and other states. Many states are going bankrupt, and the public troughs are drying up."

"Here we go again the recycling center that I use has been full the last couple of days. I do not understand what the problem is about having the boxes empty in a timely manner. So, I ask for the Board of Commissioners this time to please check into this matter and see what the problem is and get it fixed before summer gets here. If the boxes are not being emptied now what will happen then is I guess the recycling centers will be full every day of the week. So, please will the commissioners check in to this and get it fixed before it gets worse.

"I would like to tell Gov. Deal that if he would cut some of the high-paid salaries people in the lottery and quit giving them all the free money that the lottery would survive better. Also, I would like to ask the parents that have children on the HOPE scholarship if they would buy a lottery ticket every now and then that would help the lottery out. Because they are helping our kids."

"I am calling about the Newton Citizen edition that showed what SPLOST would fund if it passes. I hope like crap it doesn't. The last time we had a SPLOST some of the things they said they were going to do still have not been done. I read they still had some money left over from the last one. So, please Newton County wake up smell the coffee and vote no for the SPLOST on March 15th."

Editor's Note: The remaining SPLOST funds of $5 million are allocated for transportatation projects and were recently designated to fund three projects by the BOC. Currently, projections are that more SPLOST funds than initially predicted will be collected, and that money will be used to pay down county debt.