RCPS makes updates to its website

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

CONYERS -- Visitors to Rockdale County Public Schools' website soon will notice some changes.

An updated site, which is located at www.rockdale.k12.ga.us, is in the final stages of being rolled out to the public.

"We're working toward making it an easier site to navigate and find information," said Cindy Ball, director of Community Relations at RCPS. "It's packaged completely different."

The current site is sorted by department, and if guests to the site don't know what department to look under for certain items like calendars or policies, then they "could be looking for a while," Ball said.

The new site will be sorted by users -- students, parents and the community -- as well as by department. Visitors also will be able to search the site, too.

"It's grouped how users would find it," Ball said.

The colors are green to complement the new RCPS logo that was developed last year.

"It also has a different look and feel," Ball said, adding that more photographs and videos will be used on the new site, too.

Each school site will generally follow the same layout and have similar information.

"Each one is a little bit different but (all) have the same structure," Ball said.

Those interested in looking around the new site can access it through a link on the current site. As it is still in the transition phase for the next couple of weeks, some links may not work and all features are not complete at this time, Ball said.

The department spent $29,250 for the website upgrade, which upgraded software from a 2003 version to the 2010 version with the new design for the district and all 22 school sites, Ball said.

The new site was requested through the system's strategic plan and developed by getting input from schools and the system's technology department. Four interns in the Community Relations Department also worked on video clips and other material for the site.

"We're doing as much in-house as we possibly can," Ball said.

Users can share comments and feedback by e-mailing Ball at cball@rockdale.k12.ga.us.