Newton Poll - 02-19-11

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"Another Whoops happened, me thinks. The Rockdale Citizen Phone Poll for 02-12-11 was posted today but the latest Newton Citizen phone poll still remains at 02-05-11. Whazz-up?"

Editor's note: The oversight has been corrected.

"The United States government should take a lesson from Rockdale County ... stop giving money we don't have to every group (or nation) that asks for it."

"I understand the frustration about the SPLOST. Someone begging the elected leaders is not the way to do it. Demanding them to stop their insanity is the way to do it. You as a citizen do not answer to them. They answer to you. This is not Egypt, this is Newton County, Ga., USA. I to do not like the SPLOST. So I will vote 'no.' I also will be voting the current queen and her court out. It's time for change, and that's for all United States citizens, to stand up and take what our fathers fought for -- 'freedom.' And welcome anyone that wants to be a United States citizen, and be proud to wave the old Red, White, and Blue."

"My wife and I were at Turner Lake the day of this infamous teachers gathering. At first, we thought the Rec Department was hosting a giant 'garage sale' as the parking lot was unusually full. So we needed to park in the back 40 and walked in, walked around the track in the gym and walked back to the back 40 again via a different route. Certainly, we passed by a great number of cars. And guess what we did not notice an unusual number of 'high end' cars/SUVs/pick-ups/etc. Just about the same as one would notice on a typical drive up or down 278 during rush hours (a.m., p.m. or noon). Yep, I was even wearing my new glasses I just bought at Wal-Mart Vision Center, too! Me thinks someone just wanted to 'make a mountain out of a mole hill' as my late mother used to say. IMO enough said, case closed. Use the extra ink and paper saved to publish something more interesting or put the savings in the 'piggy bank.'"

"Are you people delusional? The Eastside football team didn't have any players sign because their senior class was small and not loaded with talent. There is one player in that class that has the talent to play at a scholarship level. The rest of these young men are to be commended for their effort, heart, and dedication to their teammates. Furthermore, Coach Hurst should be praised for his approach to football. You are right it's all about the team and not individuals. Why do think a school that has less physical talent than the others in the county continues to make long runs into the playoffs? It's all about the team. The staff at Eastside does a phenomenal job teaching technique and team concepts. They are maximizing the talent they have, and that's why their teams play in November. As far as the comment about Coach Hurst's attitude towards college coaches is ridiculous. If the players have done their part and are registered with the clearing house, made good grades, taken the SAT and ACT, gone to some combines, and have potential and talent, the college coaches will find them. I make these statements from experience. I have helped coach and have watched over 40 players sign football scholarships. No players are being passed over at Eastside. The players at Eastside are being coached at a very, very high level and are being pushed to reach their full potential. Thus the reason for so much success. Keep up the good work coaches!"

"Thank you Mr. Corley for getting rid of your rooster. I'm sure your neighbors appreciate your cooperation. For all those who commented on the neighbor who complained, remember there was already an established ordinance prohibiting him from having chickens or roosters. If you choose to move into a densely populated area, as Mr. Corley recently did, you should check the zoning and regulations for the area before you bring in your 'feathered friends.'"

"When did the street beside Kroger on Salem Road get rezoned for a truck stop? Every week there are so many trucks and trailers parked there it's starting to look like a used car lot (like the one right across the street). Why can't something be done to stop this? Guess if Mr. Ewing lived around there something would be done."

"To the person that is so concerned about what types of vehicles that us as educators drive, try walking in our shoes for just one day, and I promise you will not be able to walk around Turner Lake the next day!"

"Why is it that the Newton Citizen ... will go all out on reporting on school football, basketball and baseball games but hardly ever print stories on the kids that work really hard on livestock shows? These kids work hard and put in long hours into this school activity, and I know for a fact these kids get up really early to feed and tend to their livestock before school and right back at it soon as school is out. The time they spend in working and training with their livestock to get ready for a show is countless. But to them it is so worth it, especially if they come home with a ribbon or the biggest prize to them 'The Belt Buckle.' So come on, let's show them that we are just as proud of them as we are all of the kids involved in sports. Write these articles and put their pictures in the papers. They deserve the recognition too."

Editor's note: We are happy to publish stories about students who participate in livestock shows and have done so in the past. Unfortunately, we do not have the staff to send reporters to cover these events. We would appreciate any information that the high school sponsors could provide to us for publication. High school sports are spectator events that typically draw more interest than other school competitions. As such, our readers expect us to provide coverage of those events.

"What happens to a city when it is taken over by self-serving individuals? Have you seen any of this happening in our city/county? Detroit is a prime example: 'By any quantifiable standard, the city is on life support. Detroit's treasury is $300 million short of the funds needed to provide the barest municipal services,' Okrent said. 'The school system, which six years ago was compelled by a greedy teachers' union to reject a philanthropist's offer of $200 million to build 15 small, independent charter high schools, is in receivership. The murder rate is soaring, and seven out of 10 remain unsolved. Three years after Katrina devastated New Orleans, unemployment in that city hit a peak of 11 percent. In Detroit, the unemployment rate is 28.9 percent.' The more tax money we give our local officials the more waste, corruption, and cronyism we see. The same groups of people on all the appointed 'boards,' the same so-called elite getting favoritism, and the less services are available for the masses who pay for it all. I'd say SPLOST is another waste of our tax money. Interesting how 'they' say our taxes will go up if we don't vote it in. Hey that is our taxes going up. Have you ever seen them go down? Don't be a sucker ... get out and vote no."

"This is in response to Chickwing ... I am a parent of a special needs teenager. We have already waited a very long time for our own Miracle League Field. That Tamara woman is in fact Tamara Richardson. She is working very hard at trying to get grants and donations for our kids to have their own field. Tommy Hailey is right alongside of her in working on this project. I would just like to say thank you to Tamara and Tommy, and thanks to all the other members of the fund raising and building committees, for without you none of this would be possible. I think everyone should come out to one of our Miracle League games in Conyers next month. You will be surprised at how much you will enjoy it."

"First of all, I would vote for SPLOST even if I disagreed with a lot of the projects. I own a house in Newton County. If SPLOST fails to pass, everyone will pay more in property taxes. If you rent a home, you will pay more rent. It is that simple. That being said, I think the SPLOST proposal is reasonable mix of infrastructure construction, debt deduction, and needed projects. The commissioners have taken a beating for the process, but I for one would like to thank them for the work they put in on this SPLOST. No one ever gets everything they want, but I believe this is the best they could do under the economic circumstances. I encourage everyone to vote yes."

"Why does the Citizen tell me that every story I read in the paper was already posted online the day before? What's the point of paying for the newspaper then? Is the Citizen going to get rid of the newspaper and be totally online?"

Editor's note: The Citizen has no plans to discontinue the printed edition of the newspaper. Stories that are first published on the Web site generally are updated in the print edition. Our Web site publication notices are designed to let readers know that they can get news and information from the Citizen throughout the day, as well as in print.

"OK, folks. Nobody is going to look out for our interests but us. When we go shopping, we need to go to the furthest point on our schedule and work our way back home. No more zig-zagging back and forth across the county to get everything done that needs to be done. It takes a lot of gas and that's wasting money. The rising gasoline costs are governed by supply and demand. The more gas we use, the more it increases. If we buy less, they must reduce the price or they cannot sell it. Whatever we look to buy in stores, we must check the label. If it is made in China, Mexico, or any other country other than the USA, we need to put that item back on the shelf and do some comparison shopping to find merchandise made in the USA! It's time we stopped supporting other countries and start looking out for ourselves. Amen?"

"Was just listening to the news and hearing some so-called Christians talk about the need for people to be able to carry fire arms in the church house. Now I say so-called Christians because I don't believe that a God-fearing, Bible-believing Christian is going to think that it is necessary. The Word of God teaches us that we are to put our faith in our Lord and Savior for our protection. The Lord tells us in the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, 54:17 "no weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper." Now this may have been written to the people of Israel, who are the chosen of God, but these words also apply to the born-again Christians, the chosen of God. If He tells us that He is going to protect us, nothing more is needed other than faith. The only reason I can see for someone feeling that they need to carry a firearm into God's house is that they don't really believe that God will protect His own, or maybe they just 'aren't His own.' Now about this alcohol sales on Sunday ..."

"Dear Newton County Citizen Pollsters, please, if you truly care about Newton and/or Covington as much as you say you do, refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages when submitting your grievances, or at least offer your letter to an objective third party with no less than a high school diploma, to serve as editor of your masterpiece. The number of incoherent letters submitted, filled with glaring grammatical errors, and language which seems to be pushing us closer to what is portrayed in the movie 'Idiocracy' is quite alarming, especially to the educators, who as of lately, have been the target of many. Remember -- just because you can, doesn't always mean you should."

"Post Office delivers late mail again! We just received a Christmas card, postmarked Dec. 20 from about 400 miles away. Four hundred divided by 58 days is 6.9 miles per day. We had a pay check delivered in mid-January that took 54 days, but that came from the West Coast. Unreal!"

"I would like to comment on your polls concerning Newton County teachers driving luxury cars. I have a Mansfield address, but I live in Jasper County so I know very little about the Newton County School System. I do not vote or pay taxes in Newton County. I am a retired federal civil service employee from the Small Business Administration. I was a loan liquidation officer. My job was to foreclose on delinquent loans. We had a policy that you did not drive luxury cars while on duty. We were paid mileage to drive our personal cars. We were constantly reminded that the people we came in contact with were taxpayers and American citizens who paid our compensation. I am confused about the public relations department at the Newton County Board of Education. It seems to me that they are in bad need of sensitivity training. I believe in Jasper County that if such a meeting was held on government time that the far majority of the teachers would be driving clunkers. I can remember when government employees were referred to as public servants. Now most government departments and agencies seem to operate as a bloated bureaucracy and jobs program."

"I was calling about the cemetery head markers stolen. I have searched my mind and I can't think of a whole lot any lower down than anybody stealing stuff off a grave. I hope they find who done it and give them a taste of Japanese torture."

"I am calling about the second week of January, about the winter break that is the real winter break. During Christmas holidays, that is a Christmas break. So, next time you people think about during Christmas holiday and think about a winter break. You think about the second week of January. A Christmas break is when school kids take a break during school -- that's a Christmas break. A winter break was the second week of January, all week when everybody was stranded for two or three days."

"Due to the controversy now about the package sales on Sunday, what year did the city of Covington and or Newton County make it legal to sell alcohol on the other days of the week?"

"Concerning the SPLOST vote, with the economy in such bad shape my wife and I are having a hard time justifying a yes vote. We agree there are some good things for it, but there are also some bad, unnecessary things. We feel it should not pass and be brought up again in two years from now and maybe when the economy is better or some of the pork is deleted from it. The county needs to be working on retiring the debt not building things that are not essential at this time, so we encourage everyone at this time to vote no."

"My poll is for the Latino Americans and Mexican Americans. They need to get off these Mexican Americans. These people are here to work just like everybody else here. I was listening to the news yesterday and they said they came and stole their jobs. No, you don't need to be mad at the Mexicans. You need to be mad at the employers because they hired the Mexicans. They didn't come and take you people's jobs. I am so sick and tired of all this. It is either the Mexicans or Obama. Let the Mexicans have some kind of papers to get citizenship. They need to stop blaming the Mexicans for everything. You got good Mexicans, good blacks, good whites. The Mexicans deserve to be in the United States just as much as anybody else. Let them be free. This is the land of the free."

"In Newton County the intent of the law seems to be in the unclear eye of our Newton County Commission chair. The law's clear intent is that a county office-holder or county employee, while on county time or using county assets, cannot support or oppose a SPLOST. They can only educate if a question arises. But then our county commission chair announces to the local newspapers that she has 'appointed' a committee to promote the Newton County SPLOST. These appointments were covered on the front page of our local newspapers and the front page stories were quickly augmented by full page, paid newspaper advertisements hawking the SPLOST tax as a benefit to one and all. If our county commission chair was not acting in her 'official' capacity, how can she 'appoint' anyone to anything and it be front page newsworthy to editors. I'm also curious, where did she find anyone to pay for a full page advertisement in our local newspapers to support a tax and why would they do so in the first place? If it quacks like a duck ... "

"I want to respond to the post about the teachers at Turner Lake and the cars they drive. Why do you care what type of car a teacher drives? Are you paying for it? It seems you have nothing better to do than worry about what others are doing. My wife is a teacher, and I know what they are paid. Not enough to have to listen to what stupid people think, that's for sure! Their pay is low. Many times they are spending money out of their pocket to provide a better education for the children they taught. And they do this because they love what they do for a living. It would behoove you to know about the topic before you make a comment. I believe that you should run for government, since that is the only job you can excel at with that level of stupidity! When you start paying teachers' bills, then you can tell them what to drive. Until then, remember one thing. Years ago, if you would have listened to your teachers when you were in school, you might have had the skills to get a better job ... one that allows you to drive a nicer car. After all, this seems to be the main point of your complaint. 'You just can't fix stupid!'"