Police arrest 3 on charges of dogfighting

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

COVINGTON -- The Newton County Sheriff's Office made three arrests Friday night in connection with suspected dogfighting at a home off Ga. Highway 162.

NCSO spokesman Lt. Tyrone Oliver said deputies received an anonymous tip around 11:30 p.m. that dogfighting was taking place at a residence at 75 Stoneview Circle.

"When deputies arrived, a couple of people ran," Oliver said. "They found people hiding inside the residence and a dogfighting pit inside the garage of the house. Several dogs were in kennels in back of pickups and several dogs were tied up to trees in the backyard."

Oliver said there was no dogfighting taking place when deputies arrived, but the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

"There were several vehicles there and the cars and their owners are being looked into," Oliver said.

Three dogs were confiscated by Newton County Animal Control, which reports that the dogs were mixed breeds and none of them were injured.

Arrested and charged with dogfighting and obstruction of law enforcement officers were Chico Hardeman, 41, of 75 Stoneview Circle; Marquis L. Phelps, 27, of 4658 Woods Valley Drive, Douglasville; and Tony Hill, 29, of 1907 Velma St., Atlanta.

In other crime news, it appears the thieves who stole used cooking oil from several Covington restaurants in December have struck again.

An employee with Darling International, which specializes in used cooking oil removal services and grease trap maintenance, reported to the Covington Police Department Tuesday afternoon that the cooking oil to be picked up at at least three local restaurants was missing.

Oil was removed from Just Dogs, the Bangkok Grill, and Burrito Loco, all on U.S. Highway 278. Also, damage to the tanks holding the oil was reported.