Woman charged in man's stabbing

COVINGTON -- Covington police were called to the scene of a stabbing on Jan. 25 and found a man standing in his driveway with blood coming from his left hand.

According to the CPD incident report, officers went to 10146 Morris Drive around 3:30 p.m. following a report that a woman had stabbed a man. Officers found the suspect, Joanne Jeff, in the living room of the residence. They reported smelling a strong odor of alcohol coming from both the suspect and the victim.

The victim said he and the suspect were arguing and when she attempted to stab him, he put his left hand up. The result was that he was stabbed between his ring and middle fingers.

Jeff was arrested and warrants were expected to be taken charging her with assault with a knife.

Teacher hurt

In other crime news, a NCSO school resource officer at Clements Middle School reported that the principal of the school notified him that a teacher had been injured when a student "walked into her as she stood in the hallway outside the school's cafeteria." The case is under investigation.

* A woman was arrested at the Newton County Judicial Center after the X-ray machine at the entrance revealed she had a handgun concealed in her purse.

Anglia Dawn Stanfil of 1302 Wild Road, Monticello, was charged with having a firearm or deadly weapon at a public gathering.

According to the incident report, Stanfil and another female walked up to the security entrance and Stanfil placed her purse onto the machine. The two deputies on duty observed what appeared to be a small handgun in the bag.

"(The deputy) was pointing with his finger at the object in the purse on the X-ray monitor when the female stated she did have a gun but thought she took it out of her purse. She then walked through the metal detector while (the deputy) looked into her purse. She then stated she worked at a convenience store and carried the gun," the report states.

She was taken into custody.