Burglars take thousands in hair weaves from Conyers salon

CONYERS -- Three men who broke into a beauty salon Thursday morning by throwing a rock through the front door were caught on video surveillance tape, according to a report by the Conyers Police Department. The three got away with more than $7,000 in hair weave products and electronics.

The three suspects, who appeared on the tape to be black males, drove up to S. J. Beauty and Salon on West Avenue at about 3:15 a.m. in a tan passenger car. The tape showed the three get out of the car, open the trunk, and remove a large rock. One of the suspects was shown throwing the rock through the glass in the front door of the business. The tape also showed the suspects run behind the counter, grab the hair products and a laptop computer, and exit through the door.

Two of the suspects were wearing black hoodies and gloves and the other was wearing a white hoodie and gloves. Based on the video evidence, the three suspects were in the store for about one minute.

Police were summoned to the business by an alarm call. They secured the scene and called the owner, who determined that numerous hair weaves had been stolen, including 38 pieces of Milky Way Indian Hair valued at $2,204, 14 pieces of Milky Way Saga Hair valued at $979, 22 pieces of Milky Way Yaky Hair valued at $2,539, and 40 pieces of XQ Hair valued at $2,399. A Toshiba laptop computer valued at $400 was also reported missing.

In other crime news, a 36-year-old Conyers woman was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly attempted to obtain a prescription for Zolpidem, a generic for Ambien, by fraud

According to a report by the CPD, Heather Kelly Lancaster, of 321 Morris Ct., allegedly called Conyers Pharmacy on West Avenue pretending to be a secretary from Dr. Michael Manning's office and ordered the prescription. A pharmacist called the doctor's office and determined that no one there had ordered the prescription.

Police were called to the pharmacy at about 6:20 p.m. when Lancaster arrived to pick up the prescription. She reportedly told police that she had become addicted to the medication.

Lancaster was arrested and charged with obtaining dangerous drugs by fraud.

A Wesley Way man went to jail on Dec. 23 after he allegedly tried to shoplift some video games from Walmart.

According to the CPD report, Joel Rodriguez, 20, of 1798 Wesley Way, was at Walmart with his mother when the store's loss prevention officer saw him use a knife to cut open the games' packaging, remove the games, and hide them in his pants.

Police officers were called and were waiting for the suspect as he attempted to leave the store. Police found a razor blade located in Rodriguez's back pocket. Two Nintendo 3DS games and a pack of Nintendo 3DS stylus pens were found in his pants, according to the police report.

Rodriguez was charged with one count of theft by shoplifting.