Covington Police make marijuana arrests at apartment complex

COVINGTON -- A woman at a Wellington Ridge apartment notified authorities Wednesday night that she suspected a chemical fire was burning in her home. Further investigation by the Covington Police resulted in the arrest of three of her neighbors and the confiscation of nearly 5 pounds of suspected marijuana.

Arrested were Cornequa Marcel Jordan, 20, of 10724 Wellington Ridge; Richard Darnell Bell, 23, of 7101 Green Acres Drive; and Quindarious Darnell Bell, 18, of 7108 Holmes Ct. Each was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and obstruction of a police officer.

Around 9 p.m. CPD officers were in the apartment immediately above 10724 Wellington Ridge where the tenant told them she had been smelling the strange odor for two to three weeks.

"I opened the door to her laundry room and was immediately struck with an overwhelming smell of marijuana," the incident report states. The officers searched the laundry room and no drugs were found, but in talking to the apartment security officer, it was discovered the tenants at 10724, directly below the complainant, had recently moved in.

The officers on the scene went to apartment 10724 and "when Ms. Jordan opened the door, a stronger smell of suspected marijuana came from the apartment area," said CPD Public Information Officer Capt. Ken Malcom. "Officers advised Ms. Jordan of what they had smelled and Ms. Jordan admitted that earlier that day friends who had 'been around' others smoking marijuana had been in her apartment, which left the lingering odor."

Malcom said officers asked if they could search her apartment and she agreed. During the course of the search, they also located Richard Bell and Quindarius Bell who were attempting to hide.

Next, officers located three small bags of suspected marijuana, scales, plastic bags, rubber gloves and a vacuum sealer in the kitchen area. Officers also located a bag of suspected marijuana in the bedroom closet in a pillow case; a second bag containing suspected marijuana; and two glass jars, also containing suspected marijuana.

The total weight of the suspected marijuana collected was approximately 4.6 pounds. Also seized was $1,231 in currency.

"This was excellent police work. Officers used their observation skills and smelled what they believed to be marijuana and investigated it," Malcom said. "We got five pounds of marijuana off the streets. It was a great job by the officers out there."