RECIPE BOX: Christmas tree cookies a quick, festive treat for the holidays

Add M&M's Minis to this basic sugar cookie to make a festive cookie for Santa.

Add M&M's Minis to this basic sugar cookie to make a festive cookie for Santa.


It only takes two ingredients to bake and create this adorable Christmas tree cookies.

Christmas tree cookies are this week's featured recipe and the last installment of our cookies-for-Santa for the month of December. I hope you've enjoyed checking out the recipes over the past couple of weeks. I know we've enjoyed eating them at our house.

More importantly, I hope you've made some wonderful new memories with your children, family and friends while being in the kitchen this Christmas season.

I know there have been a few times this season I've let the baking becoming a little overwhelming, but all-in-all it has been oh-so-sweet.

Time seems to really fly by this time of year, and that is exactly why I chose to hold this cookie recipe until last. After all, you only need two ingredients -- sugar cookie dough and M&M's minis. That's it! And really, they are too cute.

To save time, I completely cheated, and used store-bought, pre-sliced cookie dough. But if you have a made-from-scratch sugar cookie recipe, then by all means use it.

I believe the most time consuming part of this whole recipe was picking out only the yellow, green and brown M&M's -- those are the only colors I used in the recipe.

Don't forget to leave a glass of milk out for Santa when you leave him a plate full of these Christmas tree cookies.