FILM FANS: 'The Sitter' rates high and low with Film Fans



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Half of a star

Dislikable, unfriendly, vulgar and crazy a la "The Hangover" style, but with three kids on it? Come on, how low could it go? Sad but true, the funniest part of the movie outing was the "Three Stooges" trailer before the movie began. I wouldn't even wait for the DVD.

If "Napoleon Dynamite" and "Super Bad" were your favorite movies, you might consider this one. The trailer was funny and tricked me into the theater. The director, David Gordon Green, crammed the only funny parts in the trailer of the movie -- thus you can safely skip the torture of the actual movie.

The only reason it gets a star is because the movie ended showing that Noah -- played by Jonah Hill -- had a good heart. The premise of the movie is that Noah was sent to sit three kids so his mother could date. Then the movie turned into an altered reality trip similar to "The Hangover" -- and everyone -- including the audience -- had the wildest and most predictable night of their life when everything that could go wrong went really wrong. The almost non-existent humor was not age appropriate and sad.

-- Eric Richner, Duluth

3 1/2 stars

While this movie will not be nominated or win an Academy Award, it is a delightfully funny adult movie for sure. The cast is wonderful and led by Jonah Hill, who plays Noah, a young man who has flunked out of college and is living with his single mom. Then to further lower his diminishing self-image, Noah reluctantly agrees to baby sit the kids of a friend so that his mom can go and be introduced to a doctor. Then the fun really starts in earnest as the kids, who are spectacular actors to a person, weigh into the melee. They are a misfit bunch of ingrates who are little versions of Noah.

The laughs come fast and furious as the night unfolds into total chaos. Noah through it all perseveres and gains the respect of the kids who for the first time listen to an adult and each realize changes are needed in their own life. Noah finds the sobering truth in what personal changes are needed as well. This movie is well done with consistent entertaining dialogue, innovative music that complements the story and a true message that can not be denied.

-- Rick Wright, Auburn

0 Stars

Jonah Hill, who did an excellent job recently opposite Brad Pitt in "Moneyball," selected a horrible, wretched, God-awful movie for his lead-man debut in "The Sitter."

Hill's character, Noah Griffith, a 20-something unmotivated, sloppy, lethargic, unemployed, suspended from college drop-out who reluctantly fills in for a night of baby-sitting. The children include 9-year-old Blithe (Landry Bender), a hooker wanna-be with a filthy potty mouth; Slater (Max Records), 13-year-old teenage boy with identity conflict; and 10-year-old Rodrigo (Kevin Hernadez), recently adopted Hispanic boy with serious anger and rage issues.

The raunchy language spewing from children and supposed adult humor was sickening and wasn't the least bit funny. The children's characters are tasteless and without any redeeming qualities which creates an isolating distant relationship with the audience. The filmmakers missed the mark by not having the audience care about Hill or any of the children.

Had I not been reviewing this movie, I would have walked out of the theatre. The only redeeming quality of "The Sitter" was that at 81 minutes in length, it was mercifully short. Save the baby sitter money and stay in -- avoid this movie like the plague.

-- Myra Simons, Buford