Walmart opening hiring center to fill 250 jobs

COVINGTON -- Walmart executives announced Thursday the opening of a new hiring center that will screen applicants for jobs at the company's Salem Road store, set to open March 14.

The hiring center will be located at Prospect United Methodist Church, 6752 Ga. Hwy. 212, and will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, beginning Dec. 21 through the end of January.

Job openings are available for approximately 250 full- and part-time positions, according to Shawn Cohen, Walmart regional human resource manager for North Georgia.

Nine salaried managerial positions are being offered, along with several hourly supervisor positions, he said.

To streamline the application process, Cohen recommended going to walmart.com to fill out an application ahead of visiting the hiring center. The online application can be accessed by hiring center employees, he said. Applications can also be submitted at kiosks found inside any Walmart store.

The store's top manager will be Newton resident Ron Tillman, who has been with Walmart for almost a decade and has 25 years of retail management experience.

"We expect Ron to be very active in the community and be a fantastic partner for you," Cohen said.

Board of Commissioners Chairman Katy Morgan said the new Walmart will give west Newton residents a convenient place to shop and keep sales tax dollars in Newton County. Currently, residents on the west side of the county often travel to Rockdale, which is closer than Covington, she said.

The store will also bring much-needed jobs to Newton, where the unemployment rate has been holding at 12 percent for some time, Morgan said.

"There are a lot of people in this area who will enjoy being a part of the Walmart family," she said.

Morgan said the Walmart fits with the county's 2050 Plan, which creates a development node in the Salem Road area.

"You make a great anchor. Thank you so much for your commitment to our county," she said.

The 170,000-square-foot store will include a food center with a bakery, deli, a Subway, hair salon and optical center. The store will sell beer and wine but not firearms, Cohen said.

"Walmart's commitment to Covington and Newton County is unwavering and we are glad to be here," he said.

Walmart also has a store in Covington on Industrial Blvd.


newtongirl 3 years, 7 months ago

WHY ??????? isnt this store selling firearms?????????? other wal-marts do. if wal-mart goes politcally correct like kmart did that will be the last straw. i dont care how close it is to my house i will go up the road to rockdale county & shop at target & for my firearm & hunting needs i will go to academy sports or little gun store in stockbridge. think twice about stupidity walmart.


conwarr2007 3 years, 7 months ago

I understand that it will be good for the county, but Salem Road is already a mess. There is to much traffic there already. I guess if you don't live there then you don't know. The crime rate on the west side is terrible and will only get worse with the opening of a new store. I think the County Commissioners need to give the Sheriff's Dept. more money so they can open a precient on that side of town. Crime there is already at a high. This should have been thought of first, but as with anything Ms. Morgan and the other Commissioners do they never think. One of the Commissioners told me if they could get the deputy's to work instead of sitting in a parking lot that would help. How about if we could have more than 5 on duty in a 12 hour period that would be great. Next time you see a deputy thank him, for the hard job he has and the endless hours of work they do as well. Its only going to get better. Thank you County Commissioners.


Frustrated 3 years, 7 months ago

As I recall that was brought up to the Board when the rezoning was voted on. the Commissioners who were on the Board at the time shrugged it off. They listened to the lies Walmart told them and just ignored the voices of the people that live in the area and will have to put up with it every day. Only two of the current Commissioners were on the Board at the time and guess who they are..Mort and his puppet J.C.


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