2-year-old bitten by dog

CONYERS -- A 2-year-old girl was bitten in the face by a Rottweiler-mix Monday at house on Meadow Brook Lane.

The child's mother called the Conyers Police Department to report the incident at about 9 a.m. The girl and her mother are residents of Hampton and were visiting at the Meadow Brook Lane address.

According to the incident report, the little girl was sitting on the floor petting the dog when it bit her, causing lacerations to the nose and eye area.

A man who lives at the house told police that the attack was unprovoked and that the dog has been aggressive toward people in the past.

The child was transported to Rockdale Medical Center by National EMS.

The dog was secured in a bedroom of the house and Rockdale Animal Care and Control was called to pick it up.

According to Greg Pridgeon, chief of staff for the Rockdale County Board of Commissioners, the dog was an adult family dog and has been taken into custody by Rockdale Animal Care and Control. Pridgeon said the dog was adopted last February and was an adult at the time it was adopted.

Pridgeon said the dog has been quarantined, as would typically be the case with any dog that has bitten a person and broken the skin.

Pridgeon said he did not know if the dog would be euthanized. "The family will make that decision," he said.