LETTERS: Oxford proud of connection to Emory, Sitton

In 1836 a group of Georgia Methodists obtained a charter for a new school to be located in Newton County and set about building a community that would be incorporated as the city of Oxford in 1839. That school is 175 years old this year and is known worldwide as Emory University.

From its humble beginning with a handful of students Emory has grown into a powerhouse institution with an annual operating budget of $3.5 billion and drawing students from throughout the United States and many foreign countries. Many of those students spend their freshman and sophomore years at the Oxford campus.

Recently Emory named 175 individuals as distinguished contributors to the success of the university. Many of those named have lived in Oxford. Included in that group is Claude Sitton, a current resident of Oxford, whose long newspaper career included receiving a Pulitzer Prize for his work.

Oxford is proud of its association with Emory University and Oxford College and congratulates Claude Sitton on being named one of Emory's finest.

-- Jerry Roseberry


City of Oxford




Silverbullet 3 years, 5 months ago

I have heard one of the largest donors to Oxford College in recent times is the deceased Mr. Aubrey Whelchel. Some of his friends are wondering when the College will acknowledge his gift of a large tract of land, adjacent or near the campus. He attended the college when he was a youngster growing up with the rest of us during our college days. It is a shame the College has not recognized his gift of nearly 200 acres of land by some dedication or even a news story in one of our local newspapers. Many of us who grew up with Aubrey are now quite elderly and wish to see this acknowledgement come to pass before we are gone. Please do the right thing and honor his legacy.


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