LETTERS: Cheerleading should be recognized as a sport

Cheerleading should be recognized as a sport

I am a junior at Rockdale County High School. There is a problem at my school. Many athletes who play a sport receive the respect of being on a team. I am on the cheerleading team, and we are not recognized as a sport. I am currently doing a lot of research about how cheerleading is not only a sport, but a dangerous one. The Georgia High School Sports Association has a set of rules that we cheerleaders have to follow, whether it's eligibility or whether we get fined for breaking a rule.

Cheerleading is very important to me, as it is to my fellow teammates. And we need help in the community to get our sport recognized. We aren't asking for funding or any money. We're simply asking for the acknowledgement that we are athletes who participate in a sport as dangerous as a Friday night rivalry football game. Although it doesn't take rocket science to know how to catch a ball, it takes way more than skills to throw a person in the air and catch them before they hit the ground. Is there anything that can be done to help promote our sport? All the cheerleaders in Rockdale County sure would be grateful.

-- Mackenzie Hardy

Rockdale County Cheerleaders