Rockdale Development Authority funds promotional video

CONYERS -- The Development Authority of Rockdale County agreed to fund a promotional video that will bring former Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback and NFL hall of fame member Terry Bradshaw to tout the business opportunities in Rockdale County.

The Authority voted to pay $19,800 to have the business television program "Today In America with Terry Bradshaw" film a segment on Conyers and Rockdale County.

Glenn Sears, director of the Conyers-Rockdale Economic Development Council (CREDC), said his office received a phone call from the show's producers inquiring about the possibility of filming a show highlighting the community.

After two interviews with Sears, the producers agreed to film the segment. Conyers and Rockdale County will be one of four segments the show will do on the east coast, Sears said.

"They are very interested in doing a 'hidden gems' segment on Conyers-Rockdale," Sears said. "They liked the economic flavor of the community. They like the fact of our quality of life, as we talked about it, with the recreation (facilities), the monastery and maybe the only 1996 Olympic venue that is still operational and running on the right side of the bottom line. They love the fact that we're attempting to build the Arlington of the South with the war memorial's Walk of Heroes."

"Today In America" is a cable television show that features information on new trends in business and lifestyles. Bradshaw, who is also a co-host of Fox's NFL pregame show, has hosted the show for years.

Sears said the show is five minutes long and would air nationally on the Fox Business News cable channel one time and 19 times regionally.

Sears added that after the airings CREDC and the Development Authority will own the segment to use for promoting the community and recruiting business.

Sears said he heard favorable reviews of the show when he contacted Lindsey Smith with the city Fayetteville, Ark., who had her community profiled by "Today In America." Sears said Fayetteville is using the video on its website.

"They use (the video) for everything; that's their front video," he said. "Those of you who went to their Chamber of Commerce website in Fayetteville, (it was mentioned) that just looking at that wouldn't drive you to bring your factory to town, and that's correct. (Smith) agrees with that. She said like we think, it's a piece of the pie."

The Development Authority agreed to pay the contract for CREDC to administer. Julie Mills, former community affairs officer with Rockdale County, would be hired on a contractual basis to be the point person between CREDC and the show's producers.

Mills' contract will pay her $35 per hour up to 100 hours of work.

No time table has been set for production or airing of the segment.