55-year-old Covington man charged with sexual exploitation of children, porn

COVINGTON -- A 55-year-old Covington man has been arrested and faces charges involving sexual exploitation of children, according to the Newton County Sheriff's Office.

Johnny Jay Farino, 55, of 295 Berkshire Drive, has been charged with sexual exploitation of children; reporting violations; forfeiture and computer pornography child exploitation. The charges were brought by DeKalb County Police Department and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, which were assisted in the arrest by Newton County authorities. Farino was brought to the Newton County Detention Center.

According to Public Information Officer Deputy Courtney Morrison, Farino's computer activities sent up a red flag to authorities.

"His IP address was able to be linked back to his address and it was discovered he had sent and/or received child pornography via the Internet," Morrison said.

In other crime news, William Mark Duncan II, 20, of 20 Browning Drive, has been arrested and charged with possession of marijuana, failure to appear, party to a crime, aggravated assault, armed robbery, possession of drugs within 1,000 feet of a school and possession of drug-related objects.

Duncan was charged in connection with an incident that occurred at a residence on Butler Bridge Road in the early morning hours Friday.

The resident of the Butler Bridge home and another man called NCSO deputies to a convenience store on Brown Bridge Road and said they had been attacked by five men who were at the home making a music CD.

The victim said one of his friends -- Duncan -- brought four other individuals over to make the CD and while this was going on, one of the men pulled a gun on him and told him he was going to take his musical equipment, Morrison said.

The victim protested and tried to take the gun away from the man, but during the altercation he was hit several times in the head with the gun. The perpetrator got away, jumping into a vehicle driven by Duncan.

Morrison said the other man who was at the residence said he was outside while the confrontation was taking place inside, but he had seen one of the men outside who had a gun in his hand, as well. He said he attacked that person, knocking the gun out of his hand. Morrison said the man said the fight continued, and another of the men came out and picked up the gun and that's when he quit fighting. Then he said the four men left in the car with Duncan.

Deputies arrested and charged Duncan and are still looking for the other four suspects.

Also, warrants have been issued for a Monticello woman who allegedly pushed another woman out of a moving car, Morrison said.

NCSO warrants are out for Jessica Shae Sprayberry, 24, of 1297 Holman Road, Monticello, after the Dec. 5 incident in which a victim was allegedly pushed from a tan GMC Yukon at the intersection of Ga. Highway 162 and Rocky Plains Road.

According to the NCSO incident report, Sprayberry and another woman began arguing and Sprayberry allegedly threatened the woman, saying she was going to take her to a "dirt road and beat her." Alarmed, the woman opened her car door and began to step out, and Sprayberry allegedly "accelerated and pushed her out."

Sprayberry is then said to have sped from the scene and the victim was transported to Newton Medical Center for treatment.

A man who went to a neighbor's house and insisted on entry was arrested on Dec. 4 after he stuck his foot and his cane in the door.

Forrest Wayne Isley, 74, of 40 Morgan Road, was charged with criminal trespass in connection with the incident.

According to the victims, Isley came to the residence and entered the garage and banged on the door. When the husband opened the door, he saw who it was and tried to shut the door as they had been having "problems" with Isley. That's when Isley allegedly placed his foot and walking cane in the door and refused to move.

The family called 911 and while on the phone with the dispatcher, the wife stated that her son ran out of the front door and seconds later she heard a gunshot. Morrison said it was later determined that the son had shot the gun up in the air in an effort to scare the man away.