RaceTrac severs ties with food company following recall

LAWRENCEVILLE — RaceTrac has released a statement in response to a voluntary recall of potentially contaminated sandwiches distributed to its gas stations.

Due to a possible Listeria monocytongenes contamination, Flying Food Group Inc. announced Saturday that the bacteria could be in items produced by its Lawrenceville plant. RaceTrac officials said on Monday that all sandwiches had been removed from stores, and no illnesses had been reported.

“RaceTrac considers the safety of our guests and in-store team members to be extremely important,” said Sherri Scott, public relations manager with the business.

“We preemptively removed all products prepared and provided by Flying Food Group from our 65 Georgia stores on Nov. 26 after our independent testing revealed a potential food safety issue at the supplier’s Lawrenceville facility,” she said.

Scott said the company has since “severed our relationship with Flying Food Group both in Georgia and Florida. We will continue to respond quickly and effectively to all threats and safety of our valued guests and to ensure that all of our suppliers continue to meet our high standards.”

According to Scott, On Dec. 3, Flying Food Group officially announced its voluntary recall of the following FDA-regulated food items: chicken quarter pounder, chicken quarter pounder with tomatoes, ham quarter pounder, ham quarter pounder with tomatoes and American sub.

All had an expiration date of Nov. 30, 2011.

Production at the Lawrenceville facility has been suspended pending an investigation.

For more information, call Ellen Pritsker at 312-243-2122 ext. 127 or email epritsker@flyingfood.com.

The Associated Press contributed to this story