Dec. 4 Newton Citizen Poll

"The Old Man would like to talk about music today, but before I do I would like to thank the young lady who helped me out on Sunday. I was in Aldi's and when I went to check out I found I was short a few dollars. I had never seen her before but she asked the cashier how much was I short. The cashier told her and she handed the cashier $10 to cover it. She wouldn't tell me her name and when I asked her what I could do to repay her she said that I should do something nice for someone. At our church we give to the St. Vincent DePaul Society that works with helping people who are sick or have major problems with their health. We will be adding an extra $10 to our envelope this Sunday. Thank you young lady for your help. Now back to music. I love music. All day, I am humming a tune or singing out loud. Some people might think I am nuts, but I don't really care. If they hand me a check to stop singing, that probably wouldn't help. The music I know dates back to WWI, WWII and probably some from the Civil War. Mostly I liked The Mills Brothers, Bing Crosby and many others in that era. The reason I am writing is the fact that I have no idea what most of these singers are singing today. I know the teenyboppers and the wannabes love it, but why do the songs have to be screamed? As I watch a little of this on TV I wonder why they have to eat the mic? Is it because they are lip-syncing and they don't want us to see their mistakes? I see a lot of beautiful young ladies half-dressed prancing all over the stage singing and they never seem to get out of breath. I like the Celtic Thunder and the Celtic Ladies. They have neat little mics hooked to them and I can see their faces. Well, I guess it is to each his own, but give me the Beatles or the Mammas & Papas or Peter, Paul & Mary or The Beach Boys or Perry Como anytime. I really hope that you don't go deaf. Next time the Old Man wants to talk about TV."

------"First let me state I am a Republican, but I am very disappointed in my county commissioner and his 'friends' on how they have handled the county manager situation. I think it should have been brought before the public before they changed the operation of the county. Then they insulted us further by 'appointing' John Middleton, they did not even consider other candidates. Is it legal to not offer someone else the opportunity to apply? I guess Mr. Middleton found something better to do than spend time with his family since that was his reason for retiring. It distresses me even more that Mr. Middleton is moving his office to the Administration Building, I guess this shows us how unified our government will be since he and Ms. Morgan cannot even work in the same building. Also, why is Tommy Craig writing the job description? Is that not the responsibility of the H/R department? My only regret is that I cannot vote Mr. Craig out of his office like I can Mr. Fleming."

------"What is all the talk about Dennis Carpenter and the Kiwanis report about?"------

"I think our superintendent should fire people in the central office who come to our schools and talk bad about him. What do they really do anyway with five people in human resources. And Carpenter can't even get an alternative school or a bus route to work right. ... "

------"Obama and the Holiday Tree Myth! The Poll contributor whose silly myth was published last week should be ashamed to believe and pass on such nonsense. From Truthorfiction.com: This eRumor may have been sparked in 2009 by a project with the USDA Forest Service in Arizona in connection with the nation's Christmas tree that is destined for the National Mall in Washington, D.C. -- not the White House! Each year one of the 50 states contributes a huge tree for the occasion. As a part of the project, the Forest Service invited elementary students to send in 5,000 hand-made ornaments for the tree. The Alliance Defense Fund, which defends religious liberties, said that initial instructions for the students specified that the ornaments needed to be 9-12 inches tall, able to endure cold winter weather, include a loop of wire for hanging, be able to be seen at least 75 feet away, and could 'not reflect religious or political themes.' An outcry of protest resulted and the Forest Service rescinded the prohibition of religious themes saying that it was a mistake that it was ever communicated that way. A spokesperson for the Alliance Defense Fund told TruthorFiction.com that 'The First Amendment does not allow government officials to exclude school children's ornaments for the capitol's Christmas tree merely because they communicate a religious viewpoint.' Jim Payne, a U.S.D.A. Forest Service spokesman, said that the guidelines came from 'old information posted on the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree website and has since been removed.' Payne added that weatherproofing and size are the only restrictions for the submitted ornaments. The Forest Service has the criteria for Christmas ornaments posted on their website. For years the Capitol tree was called the Holiday Tree, but that was changed in 2005 to Christmas Tree. Our government is required to be secular. Our nation is not. The majority of the nation is Christian. That can change, but it is and has been Christian, not secular."

------"I was asked to serve on the SPLOST committee to get it through to passing. While serving on this committee I learned who was who in the county. One thing everyone was encouraged to do was write into this poll and be positive. One of those spearheading that campaign just happens to be related to our illustrious chairperson, Kathy Morgan. So ... when you read all the hype and holler about Mort Ewing, J.C. Henderson and Tim Fleming, know that there might be only two folks doing all the writing in ... . that's how it worked with SPLOST, how it worked when the Democrats had a meeting and just had to write in and attack Herman Cain and now this ... . so now you know!"

------"Oxford and Porterdale established themselves whenever? Part of what both did was establish a Police Department for two reasons, first to provide some citizens protection and second and ultimately as a source of revenue for their municipalities. Each, for their cost saving are not operating their departments on a 24-hour basis and relying on the few deputies working, especially the evening shifts, to answer their calls. I do not dispute the citizen of Porterdale and Oxford are not county citizens or voters, but the Sheriff's Office is over-burdened greater than either of these municipalities. My question John Middleton, Kathy Morgan has the tax digest/structure been changed with either municipality to assist Newton County in their shortcomings. Just a thought, it might help pay for the agricultural barn which 90 percent of the county will never see used."

------"I have attended Eastridge Community Church for several years, and I am active in their numbers volunteer programs. A group of us (we) school teachers volunteer our services at the church's 12-Step Celebrate Recovery Program that meets at the church every Thursday night, and we also volunteer at the Rainbow Community homeless shelter in Covington. Most of the people that I see have a substance abuse addiction involving meth and crack cocaine. We see some addicted to prescription drugs such as pain killers and mind-altering drugs. The ease in which these drugs can be obtained and their availability is very depressing. Drug addiction in Newton County seems to be more of a growing problem instead of a declining problem. Most of the drug suppliers appear to be in the Covington metropolitan area. Over the years I have seen no concentrated effort by the City of Covington of their police department to eradicate the drug trade in their area. People living in the unincorporated areas of the county apparently go to Covington to buy their drugs. Their lack of an aggressive drug program affects the entire county."

------"I was calling about Tim Tebow. I can't understand why people hate him. Good, honorable, religious man. I don't see it. I don't know why people hate him. You got some many thugs running around in the NFL you know, you got dog killers, people associated with murder cases and all that stuff. I don't see why people hate that man it is just beyond me."

------"My comment today is a suggestion today for your paper. I know you probably won't print this. If your customer calls and says they don't receive their delivery on that particular day wouldn't be on your part a good thing to see if they didn't get the paper out to that customer immediately. Today my paper didn't come. I called at 6:30 this morning at 8:30 I still do not have a paper, two hours. Does that make sense? Is that a good way to run a business? Like I say I know you won't put this in the paper cause you don't like to put anything derogatory about your service. Anyway I am making a suggestion to you in the future. If someone misses a paper in the future to get it delivered soon not two to three hours later."

Editor's note: We make every effort to redeliver missed papers as soon as possible. We apologize for any delay you may have experienced. We will pass your concern on to the contractor who handles our carrier delivery. Thanks for reading!

------"Kathy -- My family and I are thankful for you -- I still believe."


MsLoy 3 years, 11 months ago

Sounds like the human resources that won't write the county manager job description must know the one in the school system. HR in the schools needs five people because - guess who again? Carpenter HIRED ANOTHER FRIEND and she does nothing. Mr. Matthews it is time to clean house from Tiger Land on up.


oside2705 3 years, 11 months ago

Teacher to Eastridge teacher/volunteer. If the CPD asst police chief would do his job instead of running up to the school board every time his wife complains about Cousines Middle School it would be a start. Election 2012 is coming and this conflict of itnerest must go.


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