JASON DEES: At Christmas, remember that Jesus Christ is the redeemer of all of mankind's sins

Jason Dees

Jason Dees

The first mention of Jesus Christ the redeemer in the Scriptures and in all of human history comes just moments after man's first sin.

In Genesis chapter three after the horrible account of the conscious decision of Adam to trust the serpent rather than trust God, to desire to be like God rather than submit to God, we see God giving a curse to the man, the woman, and the serpent.

He says to the serpent in verse 15, I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.

So all through the Old Testament narrative the reader finds himself waiting for this head crusher that would come and restore what the serpent had undone. Through famines, wars, exile, slavery, plagues, and diseases the world was left to wait for this offspring savior. Who would he be? Where would he come from?

In world history God showed special strokes of grace to a people in the Middle East, the Hebrews, a nation He had called and blessed. From God's revelation to the Hebrews we learn more about this Savior, and we learn that He is to come from them and be one of them.

In a quiet moment centuries after the first mention of this redeemer, He would come, born in a simple stable in a small town called Bethlehem. Angels sang that night and shepherds watched, unaware that the relationship between creator and creature was about to be forever changed.

The Lamb had come, the one who would be sacrificed for the sins of the world, the one through whom justice would be served, and redemption would occur. In His coming the world would be set right, the head of the serpent would be crushed, man and all creation would be redeemed.

This Christmas remember your Redemption. Remember that the curse that mankind has lived under for so many years has been reversed in this Redeemer Jesus Christ. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Wonder at His life, be strong in His grace, and be faithful in His call.

I pray you and your loved ones would have the most wonderful Christmas season as we worship together the Lamb of God.

Jason Dees is senior pastor at First Baptist Church of Covington. He can be reached at 770-786-9031 or www.firstbaptistcovington.com or www.facebook.com/jasondees.