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RECIPE BOX: Transform refried beans into a delicious dip

Refried beans -- most people love them or hate them. They used to not be something I'd even touch. That is, until one day someone showed me how to mix in salsa while heating up the refried beans and it opened my taste buds to refried beans.

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A life of faith: Founding monk at Monastery of the Holy Spirit turns 100

Of the never-ending conversations Father Luke Kot has with God, a pivotal one occurred at age 14.

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BISHER: Nothing can detract from Tiger Woods' return to the Tour

Jason Day, the Australian with a game, had just checked in with an opening round of 63 at the Bridgestone Invitational. Easily the round of the day to that moment at Firestone, and so it would stand until twilight, when Adam Scott played out. In the press tent, the announcement was made, as is usual, "Will all interested in having Jason Day brought in to the interview room, please raise your hand?"

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Sprucing things up: Residents work to clean up community

On a hot and humid Tuesday morning, Linda Scott meanders down East View Road, pulling a cart behind her mounted with two trash buckets and a handmade sign that says "please don't litter."

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RCPS to see changes in school year

Rockdale County Public Schools Superintendent Samuel King wants high school students and their parents to focus on several changes occurring this school year.

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Activist to speak about House Bill 87

D.A. King, president of the Dustin Inman Society, will be the featured speaker at this month's South Rockdale Civic Association to discuss Georgia's recently adopted illegal immigration enforcement law established by state House Bill 87.

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Police: Man arrested, charged with DUI

A 53-year-old Covington man was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs on Interstate 20 in the early morning hours Friday.

HUCKABY: Time for Obama to own the messes in America

I was channel surfing the other day and ran across that old Robert Redford/Barbra Streisand movie, "The Way we Were." Now I'm not a fan of Streisand's political views, but she does have nice legs and a nice set of vocal chords, so I watched part of the movie. Plus, I love the theme song. Remember how it goes?

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ORRIN MORRIS: The word 'blessed' is deeper than words like lucky, happy

In the art of sketching, the ability to see as an artist is very important. A person who is good at sketching will see shapes, values (shadows and highlights), and textures.

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JEFF BEHRENS: We can be a blessing to those we love by sharing what we have

My Aunt Margaret and Uncle Jim lived in Brooklyn. Dad used to drive the seven of us kids and Mom over to see them when we were little kids. God knows how we all fit in the old Packard. We must have sat on each other's laps in the back seat and two little siblings sat in the front.

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TONY ELDER: Immoral behavior in our lives does carry consequences

This week my wife has been out of town for an annual national convention in connection with her work. This year's gathering has taken Cheryl to a city that neither she nor I have visited before -- Las Vegas.

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JOE LAGUARDIA: There is something special about writing in cursive

It's official: Cursive is no longer required in Georgia schools. You may already know that, but I only found out last week. No cursive, no penmanship? Really?

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JOHN PEARRELL: Trust the accuracy of the Bible

"The Bible is like every other religious book. The Bible, the Koran -- they're basically the same," were the confident words of the young man who was trying desperately to impress me with his understanding of spiritual things.