Radiotherapy Clinics launches 'blue' campaign

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia, a radiation treatment center for those with cancer with offices in Conyers and Covington, is promoting early prostate cancer detection through a "blue" campaign.

Blue is the color for prostate cancer awareness and Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia aims to engage local businesses, government officials and constituents in observance of prostate cancer awareness month.

The "Who Do You Wear Blue For?" campaign will involve fundraising components benefitting the Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition and Prostate Cancer Foundation, grassroots initiatives to involve prostate cancer survivors and supporters.

In conjunction with the national Blue September effort, Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia will ask signature buildings around Atlanta to change their lights to blue for the duration of September.

According to the American Cancer Awareness statistics, prostate cancer will affect one in six men. Steps to reduce deaths from prostate cancer include: healthy lifestyle choices such as diet, exercise and regular conversations with primary care physicians and prostate specific antigen (PSA) screens.

"When detected early, prostate cancer is curable," said Dr. Philip Shrake, medical director of Radiotherapy Clinics of Georgia Gwinnett County.

"There are several factors which influence risk for prostate cancer. Some of which, unfortunately, cannot be changed such as age, race and genetics. However, just because men cannot change their risk factors, does not mean they cannot take control of their situation and be educated."

A PSA is a simple blood test which will not define a man's prostate cancer status, but provides the basis for men to start a conversation with their doctor.

To learn more about prostate cancer and the "Who do you wear blue for?" campaign please visit, www.whodoyouwearbluefor.com/