Health Reports - 8-30-2011

EDITOR'S NOTE: Restaurant health inspection reports published in the Citizen newspapers include on the restaurant's name, address,score, date of inspection and previous score. This is due to the length of violations included in the reports. Readers who would like to know more about a restaurant's score may go online at www.eastmetrohealth.com to read any violations recorded in the report.


Daddy Mac's Smoke Shack, LLC, 10724 Covington Bypass, Suite. B, 100/A, Aug. 23.

Double Dips, 2156 Highway 81, Oxford, 84/B, Aug. 23.

Merryvale Assisted Living, 11980 Highway 142, Oxford, 94/A, Aug. 23.

Middle Ridge Elementary School, 11649 South Covington Bypass, 100/A, Aug. 23.

Palmer Stone Elementary School, 1110 North Emory St., Oxford, 100/A, Aug. 23.

China Start, 13015 Brown Bridge Road, Suite 320, 69/U, Aug. 24.

Indian Creek Middle School, 11051 Covington Bypass, 100/A, Aug. 24.

Veterans Memorial Middle School, 13357 Brown Bridge Road, 100/A, Aug. 24.

West Newton Elementary School, 13387 Brown Bridge Road, 97/A, Aug. 24.

Livingston Elementary School, 3657 Highway 81, 96/A, Aug. 25.

The Krystal Company, 3230 Highway 278, 88/B, Aug. 25.

Heard Mixon Elementary School, 14110 Highway 36, 100/A, Aug. 26.


Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, 1823 Georgia Highway 138, Suite 300-B, 93/A, July 12.

Island Jerk, 875 Flat Shoals Road, Suite 130, 90/A, July 13.

Westminister Presbyterian Church-Cafeteria, 2412 Lake Rockaway Road, 95/A, July 13.

Abbey Store Cafe, 2625 Georgia Highway 212, 96/A, July 14.

Eat Right Caribbean Bar and Grill, 1251 Iris Drive, 92/A, July 14.

Borage Grill LLC, 914 Commercial St., 95/, July 15.

Fancy A Nibble, 3540 Georgia 20 Highway South, 100/A, July 15.

Hotlanta Wings of Conyers LLC, 2020 Eastside Drive, Suite 201 and 202, 98/A, July 15.