Eastside capitalizes on Alcovy's errors to win 38-15

COVINGTON -- Penalties were abundant but it was miscues that gave Eastside the win as 28 of Eastside's points were a direct result of bad plays by Alcovy in their 38-15 win on Friday ay Homer Sharp Stadium.

"Right now there's a huge inconsistency," Alcovy head coach Kirk Hoffman said. "We're going to make mistakes because we're young. How do you go in and play a ninth ranked team with your starting quarterback and a starting running back out?"

Eastside took advantage of the first miscue of the game when a high snap on punt attempt, following a 15-yard Alcovy penalty, put the ball on the Tigers 3-yard line. After two offside penalties, Cameron Boyd found Blake Rouse in the end zone for a touchdown with 8:06 left in the opening period. The very next play, Chavis Griggs took the ball 18 yards for a touchdown to put the Eagles in the lead 14-0.

After going back and forth, the Eagles again took advantage of an Alcovy mishap on a blocked Barajas Eberado punt.

Griggs led the Eagles in rushing gaining 103 of Eastside's 158 rushing yards on 14 carries. Also having a good game was freshman Nick Broadwater.

"Chavis ran as well as I've seen a back run around here in a long time," Eastside head coach Rick Hurst said. "Broadwater comes in as a freshman and gave us some depth and made some plays. Both backs and the offensive line did a good job."

However, their double-digit lead did not last long as Devon Edwards ran the ensuing kickoff back 91 yards for the score. Following the 2-point conversion, Eastside's lead was cut to six points, 14-8.

The Tigers put themselves in position to take the lead after Kenard Murray intercepted a Boyd pass returning it to the 23. But a strong Eastside defense and a block by the special teams gave the Eagles the ball in midfield.

"The personal fouls early hurt us and the blocked kicked. If we put that in we have a lead going into a quarter and a half," Hoffman said.

It took the Eagles nine plays before Griggs scored his second touchdown of the night on a 12-yard run.

Alcovy also took advantage of the mistakes as a roughing the punter call gave the Tigers the extra chance they needed to score. After getting the ball back on the Eastside 26-yard line, it took the Tigers six plays before Marcus Williams scored on a 2-yard run with 6:20 remaining in the third frame.

The Eagles finally started to get things going their way as they kept the ball on the ground until Alcovy stopped them. Six plays and 61 yards later, Boyd ran the ball the final 13 yards giving the Eagles a 28-15 lead.

Another Alcovy turnover gave the Eagles a comfortable 20-point lead when Marcus Griffieth picked up a loose ball before scampering nine yards for the score.

"I thought we did a good job up front. We had some penetration a couple of times but for the most part, especially in the second half, we just wore them down a little bit.

We knew we had things at halftime with some missed execution plays in the first half that kept us from not going down the field," Hurst said. "We come back as always with a great coaching staff putting together a good plan in the second half."


proudmommy 4 years, 3 months ago

The score board at Sharp stadium may have reflected a win for Eastside on Friday night but anyone who was in attendance will certainly say there was a lot more to that story. The horrible and unsportsmanlike behavior exhibited by the Eastside players left many of us speechless. I find it almost comical that our "economically advantaged" school allows their players to act in such a manner. I now know what people mean when they say "money can't buy class". So congratulations to Alcovy High School, the scoreboard may have shown that you lost but you did it with class and dignity. Your coaches and parents should be proud of all of you, Eastside's coach and parents, not so much!


nc_citizen64 4 years, 3 months ago

It's for certain Hurst does not teach sportsmanship!


gwen 4 years, 2 months ago

WOW you guys must not have been at the same game I was at. What I remember about the game was Alcovy’s stands hollering hike trying to Eastside’s offence to jump off sides and Alcovy’s students coming over to Eastside’s stands trying to start fights. But you can say what you want to make youself feel better.


proudmommy 4 years, 2 months ago

The things I remember include: 1) After an Alcovy player was tackled, an Eastside player proceeded to stand up and begin kicking that downed Alcovy player. 2) After being tackled by an Alcovy player, a Eastside player got up and wanted to start a fight. 3) An Alcovy player was hurt and on the ground for over 5 minutes and not one Eastside player took a knee on that field. And FYI, my son is a player for EASTSIDE and it took everything we had for my husband and myself not to walk out and snatch our son off of that field.


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