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Rob Jenkins: Big-time sports may be next bubble to burst

In the past few years, the manufacturing bubble has burst, the dot-com bubble has burst, the stock market bubble has burst, the housing bubble has burst, and my own personal dreams-of-retirement bubble has burst. What's next?

Give Obama some R & R

The media covering the president's vacation in Martha's Vineyard are being discouraged from photographing President Obama playing golf. There is no access. Apparently, the White House is nervous that in tough economic times, whacking a small white ball could be construed as insensitive. How insane is that?

Alcovy softball gets first region win

Lady Tigers get first Region 3A-AAAA win on Thursday

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Stanley runs wild as Patriots roll in opener

CONYERS -- It wasn't perfect, but for the first game of a new season, Heritage will be more than happy putting one in the win column. Quami Stanley rushed for 196 yards, including two huge runs, and Heritage ran for 350 yards as a team and overcame 105 yards in

Eastside capitalizes on Alcovy's errors to win 38-15

COVINGTON -- Penalties were abundant but it was miscues that gave Eastside the win as 28 of Eastside's points were a direct result of bad plays by Alcovy in their 38-15 win on Friday ay Homer Sharp Stadium.. "Right now there's a huge inconsistency," Alcovy head coach Kirk Hoffman

JASON DEES: The mark of a true man is faithfulness

Let me tell you about my heroes. The first is James Brown. No, I'm not talking about James Brown the singer, although when the mood is right and "Papas Got a Brand New Bag" is playing, I can really "Shake Em Down.". No, I'm talking about James Brown the

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY: Be honest about death with your children

Q: My uncle passed away recently and our family attended the funeral. This was my kids' (ages 2 and 4) first real experience with death, and I wasn't sure how to explain it to them. What's the best way to handle this subject with young children?. Jim: Whether it's the

TONY ELDER: If God calls it a sin, then we'd best believe it

One of our daughters teaches second-graders at a Christian school. During a recent class session, they were discussing a combination of nutrition and creation. They talked about how God made good foods for us to eat.. The class delved into such subjects as the benefits of natural sugars versus

JULIE WELLS: When God does not reveal His plans, trust in Him

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." (Jeremiah 29:11). Personally, I think we all need to hold onto this verse like never before. With all the

Aug 27 Newton Citizen Poll

"Yesterday Mr. Obama's Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack stated 'Food stamps are an economic stimulus. They are putting people to work. If people are able to buy a little more in the grocery store, someone has to stock it, package it ... ' I do believe those stockers, packagers, etc, already have a job. That's why they are not receiving food stamps. But let's give Obama and Vilsack the benefit of the doubt by putting everyone on food stamps. That way, we can recover the 2.5 million jobs that have been lost since Obama took office less than three years ago!"