Aug. 20 Newton Citizen Poll

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"Darrell Huckaby was so predictable in his recent biased, pessimistic commentary on the book and movie, 'The Help.' At least he was honest and admitted he had not read the novel nor had he seen the movie. I hope he does not teach his opinions and snap judgments in the classroom."

"If it is a felony to leave an animal in a vehicle or out in this heat, would someone please explain why it is not a felony to have our children out in it on buses that are not air conditioned? Furthermore, why isn't it a felony for all football coaches that allow a child to die 'practicing' in this heat? Every year we hear the same thing over and over again about how the schools are doing what they can to improve practice habits to prevent this from happening!! And every year you hear on the news where a child has died from 'heat stroke!' This happened right here in Newton County back in September 1977. Here it is 2011 and we just had a child die in Henry County! There are numerous others throughout the state that have lost their lives because of this negligence. In my opinion you should never hear of this occurring and there should be some serious consequences for it if it should happen!"

"This is in response to the person who complained about the police department being 'no more than a pain in the neck.' I know several of our officers and deputies and they deserve a lot more respect than you want to give them. You have no idea about the types of situations they have to handle while at work. When was the last time you had someone punch you in the face at work or try to kill you just so they could escape. The things they protect us from in this 'little town' would keep you awake at night if you knew what was really going on out there. So remember, the next time you're too scared to see what that noise was at 3 o'clock in the morning, remember that you're the one complaining about them being so close. Also, they must work the part-time jobs because you enjoy such a low tax base on your safe Conyers Street home that the city has not been able to give them a wage increase for years. So think about it and be more supportive and grateful for what we have -- great men and women that protect us!"

"Looks like the Newton Citizen Poll and Rockdale Citizen Poll took a week off -- 8.13.11 - Wazzup?"

"For years old Sam Hay went to the commission meetings and said, 'If we wanted Manhattan, we would be in Manhattan. What we want is Mayberry.' Robberies, burglaries, and all these dead bodies showing up on a regular basis is a result of the commissioners bowing to the land barons and home builders all trying to make a buck at any expense. And the commissioners let them run the county for years. So whose fault would it be that we now are a crime-ridden place, never to be the same as it used to be? If you can think of anyone but the home builders and the commissioners who opened the gates, I would like to know who it is that is at fault for ruining our community."

"If the county wants to clear our debts and not keep firing good folks which cuts down on our services needed by the public, they need to sell off two barren wastelands and pay out. The Bear Creek Reservoir land and the multicounty industrial park, a total of over 3,000 acres which have proven to be useless could generate a lot of money by selling them both and a lot more money by putting them back on the tax rolls. Our people need relief today, not years from now when these lame projects may be of some use."

"To the person who was complaining about having the police department for neighbors. Check with Pork Chop. I bet he'll gladly swap houses with you."

"Saturday Citizen ink once again wasted on the Chop who cares list. How will the paper ever catch up now the rest of the poll was not posted."

"To the only contributor on the 08.13.11 Citizen Poll: Why don't you really say what is on your mind? Are you still out of breath after typing your rant?

In elementary school English, I was taught there is no such thing as a one sentence paragraph. I should have ask a question of my teacher at that time. That is, 'Is there such a thing as a 91-line paragraph (typed in 10 Ariel font).' Or is this writing considered a 'run on paragraph,' kinda like a run on sentence. I've been to three county fairs and a goat roping contest and this is without a doubt the longest single paragraph I've seen. And I've read both 'Gone With The Wind' and 'Mein Kampf' (at one time the longest book ever written). Heck I better stop now -- I'm out of breath."

"As a follow-up to 'In death, soldiers treated with respect by veteran mortician,' this comes from Wikipedia.com: 'In 1994, Ted Sampley, a POW/MIA activist, determined that the remains of the Vietnam Unknown were likely those of Air Force 1st Lt. Michael Joseph Blassie, who was shot down near An Loc, Vietnam, in 1972. Sampley published an article in his newsletter and contacted Blassie's family, who attempted to pursue the case with the Air Force's casualty office without result. In January 1998 CBS News broadcast a report based on Sampley's investigation which brought political pressure to support the identification of the remains. Blassie's body was exhumed on May 14, 1998. Based on mitochondrial DNA testing, Department of Defense scientists confirmed the remains were those of Blassie. The identification was announced on June 30, 1998, and on July 10, Blassie's remains arrived home to his family in St. Louis, Mo.; he was reinterred at Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery on July 11.'"

"For the person who is so 'disgusted by the constant negativity and derogatory depiction of Obama' by Mallard. It is a cartoon, get a life. If you don't like it, don't read it! I do wonder if you were as disgusted by Luckovich's constant negativity and derogatory depiction of George W Bush. Bush is a loyal American, though he made many mistakes. Obama is a socialist (loved by the 47 percent of Americans who pay no taxes, live on welfare, food stamps, WIC stamps and Section 8 housing, and seldom , if ever, worked for a living), who when elected said he would fundamentally change the USA. He has a good start: unemployment 9.1 percent, tripled the budget deficit to $1.6 trillion, and nearly doubled the national debt. All this in just 2 years. Even his $850 billion 'shovel ready' stimulus (a/k/a pork barrel) program failed and he recently made a joke of it! Just a few days ago he said the Congress had taken no action on a trade agreement that would produce American jobs. The reason Congress has not acted, you ask? Because Obama has not sent it (his responsibility) to the Congress. Must be Bush's fault -- as with everything else this yo-yo has screwed up."

"I would like to know what protocol is for fire departments disposing of material used on calls, I happened to be in Porterdale on Tuesday night around 1:30, There was a big fire vehicle across from the old hotel on Highway 81. It had Newton County rescue letters on it, The two I guess were firefighters, They tossed the gloves they were wearing right there on the street and drove off, This is not only littering but could be a safety issue. I think these two men should be reprimanded for this action, These men are not very professional and a poor representative of Newton rescue. I hope I never need their services if they all act in this manner."

"Kim Carter does not want to run again because she wants total control. People want less government and that is just something she cannot handle. She is probably still upset that hubby didn't get his bike trail. Let's face it, the 'girls club' just isn't working out too well. One wants control and the other one is in over her head. Hope some good, qualified, people for the people step forward."

"Yes, this is to the person who complained about the Mallard Fillmore cartoons. The truth hurts doesn't it, and by the way, Chop, try Texas Pete extra hot sauce on your pizza. It's great.""Last year I attended a question and answer program at Newton County School System about cutting out sports programs and cheerleading for the junior teams. Also other cuts were talked about. The audience were real mad. Even a few students made a few speeches and read them, too. They did a real good job. Now that the cuts are hitting the system, the teachers, the bus drivers are being cut. Drivers have to run two routes. I read where (assistant) principal at Newton County High School was reprimanded and her contract was not renewed. According to the story, it should have happened two years ago. She sat in her car a lot not attending her scheduled meetings and other things she was being paid for $103,000 a year. What a waste of taxpayers money. I have noticed for several days there are 30 or 40 cars at Palmer Stone school, which is supposed to be closed, every day after school. I asked several people. No one knew. So I called the Board of Education. I was told they needed the space for office space. I was at the Board of Education last year for a meeting and there was a lot of empty rooms there. Why not use them? Instead of heating and cooling Palmer Stone, I know it has an old system that uses a lot of power and gas. They are using the gym, too. I know it has a dinosaur system also eating up a lot of energy."

"What is happening to our country? We have a large segment of society that expects the rest of us to support them. These people take absolutely no responsibility for their own lives. They will tell you that they can't afford to buy food, a car seat for their child, clothes or school supplies for their children and on and on and on, and yet they manage to find money for cigarettes, alcohol and tattoos. I am sick to death of working my butt to the bone to support these deadbeats. In the meantime, our elected officials keep taking more from us so these deadbeats can sit on their butts and make more babies. Did you know that TANF (temporary assistance to needy families) cards can be used to buy anything that can be charged on a credit card (for instance beer, alcohol, resorts, tattoo parlors, etc.). We need a Tea Party movement to stop this nonsense."