Love hurts

A couple went out for a night on the town which included drinking and during the evening the women accused her boyfriend of cheating on her. Once home the argument escalated and the boyfriend said he thought it prudent to gather his clothes and leave the premises so the female could "cool off." He was sitting in his truck, evidently parked in the backyard, when the woman appeared clad only in a T-shirt and underwear.

She picked up a metal "cheater" pipe with which she proceeded to flail his truck. The man told officers he started the truck with the intention of leaving and while he didn't know the woman's exact location at that time, he was "scared" because she was acting "crazy."

In his effort to leave, he apparently ran over the woman. She was found by friends and by the time CPD officers arrived, she was on a sofa with a large bowl of ice on her left knee. She also had injuries on her backside from her knee to her buttocks.

The boyfriend was arrested and charged with leaving the scene of an accident. He refused to press charges against the woman for beating his truck with the pipe.

Drunk in a dump truck

A strange man came to a woman's house "trying to talk to her," according to a Newton County Sheriffs Office incident report. She said he was drunk and she told him if he didn't leave, she was calling 911. He got in a dump truck and left, but she called 911 anyway. Deputies located him and found him to be DUI.

Drunk on a bike

A man called the NCSO to say that there was an intoxicated man in his front yard laying on a bicycle.

Not nice

A man called the NCSO to complain that his girlfriend deflated two of his tires and poured something sweet smelling in his gas tank. The tires were Goodyear and the vehicle was a Chrysler.


A man reported that his tenant, for whom he had purchased a John Deere riding lawn tractor valued at $1,800, had skipped out on the rent and took the mower with him.

A man complained that someone had stolen his 3-ton air conditioner and that "two large black males" were seen at the house.

A woman reported that she left money underneath her door mat for a man to cut the lawn. The money was gone, but the grass was still high.

A woman told the NCSO that someone entered her driveway overnight and took her 24-inch chrome wheels and tires valued at $3,000.

A woman called the NCSO to say another woman had stolen several miscellaneous items from her and refused to return them. Gone is clothing, medications, identity documents and a potty seat.

A woman reported that someone entered her apartment and took the following from her kitchen: meat, bread, case of water, paper towels, soap and canned goods.

A female minister called the NCSO from Oklahoma to say she had recently moved from Covington and when she was unpacking at her new home, she discovered her jewelry box and her clergy collar box were missing.

A woman complained to the NCSO that she broke up with her boyfriend and he stole her 24-year-old Chevrolet Blazer.

Someone took three bottles of liquor valued at $65 from the unlocked caboose parked at The Depot Bar and Grill.

"He's looking at me!"

A woman reported to the NCSO that her daughter and her friend said a neighbor was looking at them.

Harassment by phoneA man called the NCSO to say he and his wife have received numerous unwanted phone calls from his ex-wife.

A woman called the NCSO to say that she is being harassed by a woman who claims to be the mother of her husband's child. However, it was later determined the two had been willingly communicating.

A woman, who is separated from her husband, called the NCSO to complain that the husband continually harasses her on the phone and besides that he came by her house and left a dog leash on the front door.

Trouble at work

Two women got into a fight while on their lunch break at a local manufacturing plant.

It seems one of the women brushed up against the other one, which prompted her to ask if she had a problem with her. This question was asked in front of their co-workers and the woman told CPD officers she felt she had to "do" something or lose face. So they started fighting and one of them hit the other one in the eye "pretty good," she admitted, as "it was leaking blood."

A supervisor saw what was happening and terminated one woman on the spot and warned that the other one would probably receive the same.

After this, the woman who had hit the other one in the eye, received a call from the wounded woman's sister threatening her as it was determined her sister would need surgery to repair her eye.

Both women said the altercation was a "joke" that got out of hand. No charges were filed at the time of the report.

Holding a grudge

A man called the CPD to report that a month earlier his cousin had busted the passenger side tail light cover on his 1998 Chevrolet Celebrity which does not have a tag. He said it was his intention to take a warrant out against his cousin, but he was told he would need a police report.

Somebody lost their clubs

A man and woman who live near a local golf course saw a golf bag filled with clubs laying in their backyard. It wasn't until later that day that they went to get a closer look at the clubs and discovered they belonged to them.

Stinky problem

A woman called the NCSO to complain that the septic service she contracted with had overcharged her for their services.