RECIPE BOX: Transform refried beans into a delicious dip

Staff Photo: Julie Wells. Serve up this bean dip in 10 minutes or less.

Staff Photo: Julie Wells. Serve up this bean dip in 10 minutes or less.

Refried beans -- most people love them or hate them.

They used to not be something I'd even touch. That is, until one day someone showed me how to mix in salsa while heating up the refried beans and it opened my taste buds to refried beans.

We love Mexican food at our house. I think Kevin and I would make taco salads every night if we could, and lately we've been making this bean dip to go with the rest of our taco goodies.

The fabulous thing about this bean dip is you can make it all your own. If you have a taste for hotter food, instead of using mild salsa, stir in the hot stuff. If you aren't a fan of heat in your food, don't use the Mexican cheese, just use shredded cheddar.

Also, serve this dip up when you have guests over; it will give them something else to dip those chips in besides plain old salsa.

Here is a bit of news from your favorite recipe columnist -- we are having a baby. With that said, I need your help now more than ever. My stomach has been queasy lately and there have been a few recipes lately that have been really hard to put together. If it wasn't for the help of my sweet husband, let's say the Recipe Box could have been in a pickle.

So make those dishes, take some pictures if you'd like (we can come take your picture), and help this pregnant lady out.