Police: Man arrested, charged with DUI

Photo by Brian Giandelone

Photo by Brian Giandelone

CONYERS -- A 53-year-old Covington man was arrested and charged with driving under the influence of drugs on Interstate 20 in the early morning hours Friday.

James William Compton Jr., 4895 Ga. Highway 20 S., Covington, was pulled over by the Conyers Police Department after he was observed weaving over the fog line of the right lane of I-20 eastbound between West Avenue and Ga. Highway 138.

The officer who made the traffic stop asked Compton to remove the keys from the ignition of his 1996 Ford Ranger pickup and observed that he looked "extremely dazed and slightly confused" when asked to do this.

In his incident report, the officer stated that based on Compton's demeanor and appearance, he recognized that the suspect was "under the influence of methamphetamine or crack cocaine."

"His pupils were extremely dilated with his eyes remaining wide open and alert," the officer wrote. "When he would look at me, he appeared to be looking through me and had trouble focusing on my eyes. His movements were very jumpy and shaky. I did not smell any alcohol emitting from his person."

According to the report, Compton told the officer that he had taken two white "sleeping pills" given to him by his wife about 40 minutes earlier. The suspect said that the effects of the pills had hit him too soon and caused him to strike the guard rail along I-20 and nearly hit other vehicles. According to the report, Compton said he was "too messed up to drive."

Police placed Compton under arrest and during a search of his truck found a glass crack pipe and copper pot scrubber that is used as a filter in crack pipes.

Under further questioning, Compton allegedly admitted that he had been to Atlanta where he spent $40 on crack and smoked it all. He said he took the two pills after he was stopped by police.

The suspect was taken to Rockdale Medical Center where blood was drawn for testing. In addition to DUI, Compton was charged with failure to maintain lane.