Newton Poll - 04-23-11

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"Fairview Chase subdivision residents: Please watch your pets closely. You have a neighbor on Fairwinds Drive who has a cage baited to trap your cats/dogs to turn into the animal control. (They apparently furnish the cage for her to do this). She apparently has no regard for family pets or your pocketbook when it comes to getting them back! Folks, my cats are quicker than I and they escape from time to time, so I am thankful I do not live in your subdivision. I can't blame the cats; can you imagine being trapped in your house forever. Declawed cats do not scratch your cars up. A world without animals would be a sad place to live."

"Another 'spoiled sport.' Just thank God you are not in foreclosure. Hard times fall on all of us."

"I wanted to take a moment to give 'kudos' to both the YMCA staff/volunteers and the Covington City Police Department for a very enjoyable morning at the Cheerios Challenge event. I would, however, like to ask if the 10K event can return to its previous route next year. The start was a little rough with everyone being so close together with a 90-degree turn not even a block away. :) Also, I was looking forward to the run around the square, though I may be thinking of the route for the Fuzz Run, instead. In either case -- thanks for a job well done!"

"I just read an article about people stealing copper from foreclosed homes and receiving about $3 for a couple of hundred pounds! Wouldn't it be easier to work at one of our local fast food restaurants and flip a few quarter pounders, legally, rather than cost the taxpayers (us) increased amounts on home insurance and food and clothing at one of our state's prisons?"

"Since kindergarten is not even mandatory in the state of Georgia, why is so much money being spent on pre-k? It seems to this citizen that the money should be spent on those grades that are mandatory. I have done my homework. Please see the following link: http://mb2.ecs.org/reports/Report.aspx?id=32"

"I am sitting here reading the April 9th Citizen Poll. All of you people sitting home complaining about taxes and layoffs and the railroad -- do you know they have a county commission meeting every first and third Tuesday every month? I go to every meeting. I never see anyone there except the ones that want something. That is where we can change things if enough people would attend these meetings. Sitting home and complaining doesn't help a bit. I read about all the railroad signs on the side of the road. No one complained about all those SPLOST signs. The same person that put all those railroad signs up is the same one that put the SPLOST signs up. I was against SPLOST 100 percent. J.C. Henderson told me if they didn't get SPLOST they would have to raise taxes and lay off people. So they got SPLOST. Now they are saying we have to raise taxes and lay off people. Guess what-- now they are going to build roundabouts all over the county. If you people want to do anything to save the county you had better start coming to the meetings. You can't do anything sitting home watching TV and complaining to your wife. Lastly, why doesn't the newspaper ever publish what the citizens' comments are? It seems as though they are scared of Kathy Morgan. Come on people, let's fill up the courtroom next Tuesday ... and stop some of the theft."

"To the person who wrote in last week about Obama. I am a sophomore at Eastside and would like to thank you, first of all, for teaching me proper English. Secondly, I would like to correct your seriously misinformed statements. One, I am sure that Obama is a legal citizen solely based on the fact that to become president, there is slightly more involved as far as citizenship requirements and paperwork than just handing in a sheet of paper that says, 'I am a citizen.' (This is taught to most children in elementary school along with grammar and proper spelling.) Two, in case you haven't noticed, Israel is not in much danger due to the fact that they have one of the strongest militaries in the world, which we supplied. (I am not making this up; the entire country has to serve in the military. Please verify this by looking it up in your fifth grader's social studies book.) Three, even if this country was 'done for,' it would still be a better place to live than most of the world. Just be thankful that you can actually write false criticisms in the paper without the government putting you in jail. Stick a fork in it, and in Trump's words, 'you're fired.'"

"I read your Citizen Poll every week, and several senior citizens have commented that they feel unsafe in Covington. I feel unsafe too, and I am not a senior citizen. I went on my computer and referenced Covington's Crime Rate Indexes. The information I obtained was scary and explains the way people feel about their safety. Covington's crime risk numbers are higher than those of both Georgia and the United States. If we are that far out of line with the rest of the country, then some changes should be made immediately in the Police Department. This situation is probably already causing good, law-abiding citizens to move from Covington to other areas."

"With the new Palmer Stone School replacement being built on Airport Road -- I'm wondering if the geniuses within city/county governments have even considered Airport Road would need re-paving and/or widening with all the additional traffic -- not to mention needing traffic lights at Ga. 81 and also Ga. 142. It's taking years to get one traffic light at Ga. 81 and Crowell Road. How many years will it take for lights to be installed at these two locations?"

"I did not realize until I got a price quote for new car tires that the state of Georgia gets $1 per tire disposal fee -- and the seller charges $1.50 per tire recycling fee. What a crock! Anything to screw the public out of a little more money -- so they can mismanage it."

"I am afraid, really afraid! Why are 90 percent of Americans like sheep? They believe everything they are told (fed) by this president, his administration and the left-wing media. Can you not see where Obama is trying to take our wonderful God-fearing country? Wake up and smell the roses. Don't be sheep -- be aware! God-fearing Americans must stop this president and make sure he is not re-elected! If he is, America has no chance! God will help us change this down-spiral of America. Pray for God's guidance. We can make a difference! Be aware and be involved! If he is a Christian, why is he having an Easter egg hunt at the White House? What does that have to do with the true meaning of Easter? To Christians? God Bless America and our Jewish Americans celebrating Passover."

"I am so glad they revamped the Hope Scholarship program. I hate that it will hurt those students who are going to college to get an education so they can support themselves and their future families, but the majority of the young women using the scholarship are going to college to socialize. Most of them (and I have to be politically correct here) are single mothers drawing a welfare check that they use to buy cell phones, false fingernails and hair braids, and they have no intention of ever working for a living. Not when they can stay home and pop out babies once a year and draw that welfare check. Those who really want an education will find a way to get other grants to help pay for their tuition, and God bless them."

"This is for the Newton County Board of Commissioners. You are so worried about keeping the budget, one way to do it is to have the banks pay the taxes on all these foreclosed properties. The banks got stimulus money and the properties are there and, therefore, they should be paying the taxes on it and that would have money in the tax thing, and we wouldn't have to get a raise on our taxes."

"I have these suggestions for the Board of Education to save some money so our children aren't suffering. First of all, they don't need to have graduation at Church in the Now and pay $8,000 for each graduation. That is $24,000 for all the high schools. Also, why doesn't the people from the top, including the superintendent, take a cut in their big, big salaries? Also, I went to school there was one principal and one assistant principal. I don't see the need for more than one vice principal."

Editor's note: According to information provided by the school system, Church in the Now is paid $3,000 for each graduation, or $9,000 total.

"Enough is enough. I am one of the senior citizens who detest the city of Covington. We bought a lot and built a house in the Town and Country subdivision over 35 years ago. This subdivision takes in Farmington, Crestview and parts of Conyers and Dearing streets. I was late for an appointment this past Saturday morning because runners, ambulances and policemen had my street blocked. Barricades were put up and you couldn't get in or out of the subdivision. This mess has been going on in my neighborhood for many years, and it started when a Covington Police chief living on Crestview went to work for 'In the Heat of the Night' crowd."