Newton Poll - 04-16-11

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"I was calling about Darrell Huckaby's column in last Wednesday's paper. I couldn't agree with him more. I think he was right on the money. I think that it is pathetic that people running around boasting about what a nice guy he was after he done what he done. Just a cop killer. That's it. I couldn't agree with him more."

"This in reference to last Saturday's headline 'The county faces more budget problems.' In Friday's edition there was an article about the county participating in building a community center in the Walker Bend subdivision. Why should the county be involved in a project in a subdivision. I, too, have a budget problem. I exist on a fixed income and with prices on goods and services increasing daily, I have to cut out a lot of activity I need to do but cannot due to increased prices. I voted yes for the SPLOST in hopes of this making a fair tax that all residents would participate in. So, county commissioners, do like many of us are having to do. Spend only what you have sufficient funds for. Tighten your belt up a few notches. Do the job you were elected to do."

"I would like to make a comment on the Newton County School System. With all the budget cuts and the teachers being left high and dry without all the help and the things they need for the classroom, transportation is at a premium. I don't understand why my child's bus crosses the bridge into Henry County to pick up a student every morning. Are there not schools in Henry County that could meet his needs? Why are our taxpayers paying for his education? Also, I went to the clinic at Alcovy and I was surprised there were students working in the clinic counting medicines, dispensing medicines, and I thought that was supposed to be done by a licensed professional. What is going to happen when a child gets a wrong medicine? This is really a concern to me."

"How do we go about getting the city of Covington to repave Wood Street and Louise Street. A few summers ago, several water pipes busted and they broke up the roads to fix the pipes. They did a horrible job patching the roads after the work, especially Wood Street below my driveway. I swear that I drove on better roads when I was in the Army in Iraq. (Several public employees) all live on these two streets. ... Why can't one of them get this fixed?"

"We are now fighting in three 'police actions' nee wars, which may be necessary or not determined by how you view the world, Bush, Obama, etc. I liked Mark Shields' column which chastised our leaders for not asking the American people, us, to make any sacrifices to pay for these wars. And, for pointing out that only five people out of a thousand have any 'skin in the game' or a personal involvement! The draft made everyone a critic or supporter of Vietnam. I don't think we need to go back to the draft, but we do need to install a 'one- or two-year service to America' for all 18-year-old Americans. The service could be military or civilian -- a choice. Who knows, perhaps it will also help us solve our unemployment and immigration problems?"

"Well spring break is over, and I come back home to read that the county taxes are going up. The county cannot fill the pot holes. Well after two years of change in our county government I have lost any hope in Kathy's leadership. All I can say is I am sorry I voted for her. Someone please run that does not have the Morgan or Varner last name. I think 36 years of two-family rule is long enough. It is time for them to go."

"Here is one very important and obvious fact about the 'Rails To Trails' proposal. The railroad tracks do go very, very close to the back yards on many residences in Covington and Newton County. Most back yards are where people relax and children play. Would you or any of those 'pushing' for this project want people of 'unknown' (a/k/a strangers) backgrounds freely traveling back and forth on a trail looking in your back yard and/or windows? Common sense would say not! This project, IMO, serves the special interests of a few. Certainly they will say more people will be interested if we had one. Just look at the NASCAR Hall of fame in Charlotte, N.C. (the home of NASCAR. They projected 800K visitors last year -- actual visitors 250K.) Hmmm! So much for government-based projections. But they will have a list of lame excuses ready shortly. My family and I reside in east Newton County and outside the city limits. Our home is nowhere near these rails. Just on the basis of privacy and safety for those living along those tracks, it is a bad deal. And like all similar proposals of frivolous spending, the after, added costs to staff, repair and maintain such a project is not mentioned in 'big' type. This was pointed out by another post last week made in reference to the SPLOST project. These facts aren't known or projected yet and probably won't be until later. As a phrase goes from an oldies song 'It is too late Baby, Baby, it is too late.' This after cost will be there and come from taxpayers at a later date. ... "

"If the Newton County School System would like to help save money, they should combine transportation to and from sporting events. My child played soccer this year at the high school level and the girls team took one bus and the boys took another -- to the same place! Talk about a waste of money! Why can't the boys watch the girls game and the girls stay and watch the boys game to save some taxpayers money?"

"My wife and I are like some of the other senior citizens who put comments in your Opinion Poll. We are retired and we have recently curtailed our dining out and outside shopping because of the high rate of crime in Covington. The city of Covington doesn't seem to have the leadership needed to control their crime problem. Their main focus seems to be on things like railroad hiking trails, movie producers, and something called Walker's Bend rather than on the safety of their citizens. They don't seem to have any personnel hiring guidelines or policies concerning moral behavior and personal financial problems. Their policy seems to be to only hire people with foreclosures and promote people who have had many foreclosures. A city cannot be respected nor give good service under these conditions."

"Remember when teachers, public employees, Planned Parenthood, artists and PBS crashed the stock market, wiped out half of our 401ks, took trillions in TARP money, spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico, gave themselves billions in bonuses and paid nothing in taxes? Yeah, me neither!"

"I have to agree with Donald Trump for once. I don't think Obama was born in this country either. The president sure won't say where he was born at. He sure don't help Israel none and any other president would have tried to help Israel more than he has. He ain't none of my president. I sure didn't vote for him. I sure hope he don't make no second term cause if he does this country is done for. You might as well stick a fork in it cause we gonna be done."

"I was calling about the city of Covington not allowing electric power for the car show Saturday evening. I think that was bad. They had 'Dukes of Hazzard' representatives there. They had entertaining and a whole big mess of cars and all that stuff. They bring in a lot of revenue to the city of Covington, but they didn't have power. I think that was bad."