Some post offices to consolidate

Photo by Howard Reed

Photo by Howard Reed

COVINGTON -- Changes are under way at local post offices, but customers should see little impact, according to a U.S. Postal Service spokesman.

Letter carriers from the Social Circle Post Office will transfer to the Covington location at 10721 S. Covington Bypass within the next 90 days, according to spokesman Michael Miles. However, the post office will remain open for customer service and post office boxes, Miles said.

"This is being done to improve operational efficiency. By consolidating operations we will be better able to better utilize personnel under one roof. It will also require less transportation to go to one office rather than to several," he said.

Similar relocations of letter carriers from Oxford, Newborn and Mansfield to the Covington Post Office are being considered and, if approved, would also happen in the next 90 days, he said.

"Relocation of letter carriers will not affect retail operations or post office box operations, so the impact on customers should be transparent. Post offices will not close," Miles said.

From fiscal year 2001 through the end of fiscal year 2010, first class mail has decreased by almost 23 billion pieces, or approximately 42 percent, according to the USPS website.

Also, the use of automated mail processing equipment allows sorting of mail more quickly, and in many cases, larger mailers are entering mail closer to final delivery point, bypassing USPS processing and transportation operations. USPS is looking at opportunities to increase efficiency by consolidating mail processing operations to make better use of resources, according to the website.