Newton Poll - 09-25-10

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"Hey Newton County, T-Bone here. Do you know what ticks old T-Bone off? Young people smoking cigarettes. Don't the know they are bad for you. Maybe we should increase the smoking age to 70 or 80. Or better yet, increase the taxes on them about billion dollars a pack. Maybe the president will do that tax instead a job killing tax on the people who create and save jobs. AKA 'the rich people.'"

"To the person who criticized the 'older gentleman' about not liking noise at the games. Could be that he wears hearing aids and his ears are very sensitive. Who knows, he might have been there watching his grandson play ball. Go Eastside!"

"Wait. The 'evil tax cuts' put in place by President Bush are not likely being extended by President Obama? The difference is these same tax cuts are being labeled 'tax cuts for everyone?' How convenient."

"Tom Fox, former Porterdale chief of police and city manager, called the city council a 'toxic environment.' As we all know the EPA has done little clean up. We now have Wayne Digby, the current chief of police, quitting because the council showed a total lack of respect for failing to meet with him on two consecutive meetings. The chief also states this council is troubled by 'conflicting personal agendas.' He also states a council member is interfering with police business (Linda Finger) and two members are trying their best to aggravate Robert Foxworth (Finger again). I did not know the chief but I can tell you he served in Vietnam in the U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division. The bottom line is we have just taken the good apples out of the barrel and left the rotten apples in."

"I'm thinking that Charlie Elliot Preserve may be a culprit of the noxious Hydrilla in Lake Varner. I've never been able to fish Elliot without getting a glob of green crud with every cast. I've never caught a fish in either place as well."

"I certainly agree with the comments about Porterdale and how it is being managed with the heavily furnished personnel. The city has enough unnecessary people employed to manage a huge city or county; but still cannot seem to improve on what has been promised in the past on this small one. We have had property in Porterdale now for eight years, but as soon as the economy picks up, we will be leaving. Too expensive to stay with all the salaries, taxes and unmet promises."

"To the person last week citing 'one' person wanting the 'rails to trails' ... sorry to inform you, but, there are thousands of us wanting these trails and greenspace for ourselves, our children and grandchildren. We currently take our bikes and our family to the Arabia Mountain Trails and to the Silver Comet. Do you even realize how much money we spend in a day on a trip to these trails. That's money and time that should be spent in our own community!"

"As I travel around Newton County I wonder how nice a county it is except for those inconsiderate few who use the roadway for their trash. I doubt they ever learn. I am amazed at the weeds that have grown 6 feet tall on the unused railroad tracks. I check and they say they do not have to take care of them. They must have a lot of pull somewhere. I guess they want the taxpayers to take care of it. I think the railroads still have their hand out to the federal government for money. I guess they are like the slobs that throw out their trash -- no pride!"

"Hey there, Newton County, this Old Possum here. You know what ticks Old Possum? 100s of thousand dollars spent on a stop light at 212 and 20 and no turn lights. What happened, Ernest. You couldn't get two more turn arrows. I know, I know, to quote our county leader 'I cannot believe this is happening.' ... "

"We are all guilty of complaining about something we know nothing about. My advice to the person suggesting the drug squad bust the pharmacies because that is where most of the drugs come from? Are you serious, every parent needs to take notice to what is in their medicine cabinet. Criticizing law enforcement is not helping. Why not help by giving addresses of the 100 drug houses you know of. Or you could become a cop; agree to work for pennies, put your life in danger and deal with constant crap and scrutiny from unappreciative people like you."

"Is there anything that doesn't tick you off Pork Chop? We don't need another negative person, what with all the politicians lying to us ... too much drama in our lives as it is. There's a lot of good people doing good things for our community every day. Volunteer -- it will make you feel better."

"Hello there, Newton County! Pork Chop here. Well football season is well under way, but you know what ticks me off -- the commentators. Why in the world do we need these guys? All they do is ramble on about their playing days and useless stats. Really who cares. All I care about is seeing somebody's head getting knocked off and the eye candy with the pompoms. OK, I'm going to send you off with a little Joe Dirt -- just keep on keeping on Newton County."

"This is for the caller who did not know why arresting only black street drug dealers is racist. They are the only ones that are ever arrested. I live in Harristown and am disabled. I see white drug suppliers here all the time, many are women. They are never arrested. That is what makes it racist."

"I am calling from Monroe and I would like to respond to the Georgia Tech coaching job. The coach is doing OK but we have a backup quarter back sitting on the bench over there. When we have a quarterback that is making fumbles and is not playing good that is the purpose of having a backup quarterback over there is to take his place. Why not try that? When he is not getting the job done, do something. If one can't do, find a substitute that can."

"My comment this morning is it is nice to get up on a morning like today, relax get in my recliner with a cup of coffee. Only thing wrong with this picture is my Newton Citizen carrier likes to sleep late."