Newton Poll - 09-18-10

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"Here's a novel idea. If the Lincoln Navigator is now part of the city of Covington's fleet of vehicles, why don't they put a city logo on it? Shouldn't all their vehicles be easily identified?"

"No Pork Chop, you are not providing 'comical relief.'"

"To the person that thinks that their credit score is the indicator of a person's worth. Credit scores do not indicate what kind of work ethic a person has nor whether or not they will steal. My husband was laid off his job for lack of business - no fault of his own. He got behind on his child support and I had to pay everything by myself. I'd hate to think that by us paying for food, rent and electricity and getting behind on a couple of doctor bills would hinder his chances on getting a job. He is ex-military and has a college degree. When you are already living paycheck to paycheck, it's hard to put money to the side for a rainy day."

"I sit in traffic every day of my life because of the four-way stop at Ga. Hwy 81 and Crowell road. First of all, 4-way stops are inferior to signalized intersections because 4-way stops make everyone going through the intersection have to stop. At least with signalized intersections, you have a chance to make it through the intersection without having to stop. Second, some people that are clueless as to the rules of who has the right of way going through the 4-way stop, hold up everyone in line with their ignorance. If you are one of these clueless people, please refer to a Georgia driving manual that you can pick up for free at any Georgia State Patrol office and educate yourself. Four-way stop intersections are a thing of the past, and I think Newton County needs to step up into the 21st century and get with the program. Please transform all 4-way stop intersections into signalized intersections NOW!

"Hey everyone. My name is Ham Bone. I typically do not voice my opinions but Pork Chop has forced my hand. I speak on behalf of all those who have pork-inspired nicknames when I say, what the heck! Your nonsensical rants have given all things swine a bad name. I, for one, will no longer hold my tongue. Sir, if you are in love with your neighbor just ask him out. Perhaps you will find the connection hotter than a Porterdale City Council meeting. Also I would like to suggest that you seek professional help for anger. Lighten up, brother, lighten up."

"So, it's racist to arrest drug dealers now? If their suppliers were black, would that be racist as well? When does it become non- racist to arrest a drug dealer? When the police go so far up the chain that they find a white person who supplied, the supplier, who supplied, the supplier ... ?"

"Isn't anyone checking the real facts about the 'railroad controversy'? There is one person pushing this project who owns land in the city of Covington which could be used as one of the new railroad 'inland ports' proposed by the state. With family member's property included there are about 50 acres across from Clark's Grove which could benefit their owners as industrial or commercial space. If you owned that land, adjacent to the railroad, you would want to either own the railroad or have access to its service."

"One person is responsible for this grand push to spend taxpayer money to 'preserve' the railroad under the guise of a 'walking trail.' You don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who that person is."

"Hello there Newton County, Pork Chop here! You know what ticks me off? The flashing lights at the school zone. Now wait, not saying we don't need them. I just wish the lights coordinated with the times. Example: coming through Oxford it's 6 in the morning, lights flashing, and what is everybody doing slowing down. Pork Chop has things to do. How do the lights work, is there a contortionist inside the box by the light that flips a switch? If so, how often are they checked on? What is the annual salary for this job? I've also noticed they will flash on the weekend, I believe the contortionist does this on purpose. That's their only form of entertainment."

"You know what ticks me off? The people complaining about Pork Chop ticking them off! Poor ol' Pork Chop. He's led a hard life. Give the poor guy a break."

"A comment on the new Dobbs Park in Covington: We live not 3/4 mile from this park. My son, a student at Oak Hill Elementary, has already planned our first 'family day picnic' at the new park. I must say or plead with the county residents, to help keep the park just as it is now. We can all do our part, let's see it stay clean and perfect! A true gift to those of us who can't afford to do the more expensive activities the world has to offer with our kids! Thank you Newton County!

"Building the two tunnels near the turnaround really makes good sense if you look at it properly. Presently there are no walks leading to the tunnels and no walks going to the seniors complex, which is a long way up through woods and nature which by the way does not have any lighting. However, where do our leaders expect the walkers to come from? There is no density of population on the north, south or west side of the tunnels. To the east is quite a way. Now, the most important question, have our leaders thought about security at the walk-through to protect the seniors and others who hopefully will use the project. Also, if I recall correctly, there is a fee to use this taxpayer-funded complex."

"I would like to make a comment on the Sheriff's Office hours being changed. I have never understood why the county had to make severe budget cuts to the most important people in our county. Our firefighters and police departments. In both Newton and Rockdale do you feel comfortable doing anything? Getting out and hoping that you will not be robbed or the store you are in does? Someone is shot in the process. A long time ago I lived in Gainesville, Ga., and they had to have police men constantly roaming the parking lots of grocery stores, Wal-Mart and others. If you have to rob someone to get your money, maybe all the other people unemployed should start the same thing. I think that we have had a very large spill over from other county's as you see on the news. I keep a gun with me all the time (permit of course) and don't think I won't use it. That is sad, as I only for years used a gun to deer hunt. I think we are the deer now and we are constantly being hunted! Maybe with God's help he will make all of this go away."

"Porterdale, please take a stand and put a stop to the embarrassing antics of your city council. I think the whole county is once again laughing. Was the meeting where the angry citizen interrupted the council with her accusatory ranting to Mr. Foxworth perhaps a premeditated ambush upon Mr Foxworth? What a circus! Wake up. He did not attack the CARE Program. He brought to light the legalities that have to be followed in a city government. Be thankful you have at least one council member who goes to the trouble to see that things are done in a professional and legal manner. This aside, maybe the council needs some training or education. There are always differences of opinions within a working council or board but these differences should not become personal and should not explode before the whole world. This is not professional. It's just plain embarrassing."

"Help. I am writing to ask if there are any laws in Newton County regarding the upkeep of foreclosed homes? I realize there are numerous homes in this situation. There is one at the entrance to my small subdivision in East Newton. All the rest of the homes in this 3-year-old development have finally been sold and are being well-maintained. The yard on this 2-acre property is so overgrown that it is scary wondering what could be lurking there? I have determined which bank is holding the mortgage on this home that is a builder foreclosure and never lived in. I would like to know if this bank can be pressured to maintain the property? Why should people who are struggling to do the right thing in this economy, be forced to look at this eye-sore and possible health hazard? I saw on an Atlanta station this week that several counties around Atlanta were attempting to pass a law requiring banks or whomever was holding mortgages on foreclosures to maintain the properties. If passed, the fine would be $1,000 per day until the problem was handled. I think this is an excellent idea and Newton County should follow suit. Just because a home has been foreclosed does not mean the mortgage-holder should be able to forget about it. I feel sure every homeowner in my development would be happy to sign a petition to the bank, that this situation be taken care of ASAP!"

Editor's Note: "Foreclosed homes are subject to the same property maintenance regulations as any other residence," said Scott Sirotkin, director of the Newton County Department of Development Services. Citizens may report situations like this to the county via the Code Enforcement Complaint Line at 678-625-1666.

"If the unused railroad is required to have stop signs when are the ones for Highway 278, Emory Street, Pace Street, Clark Street and Floyd Street going to be installed? The safety of some of our high traffic streets has been ignored for decades."

"What is all this fuss about the Porterdale City Council. Just look at what the current council has done for you all. 1. Installed the latest 4-way stop signs at Highway 81 & Crowell Road. You can now relax and read the paper several times before you get through; 2. Almost double your property taxes; 3. Require you to pay for garbage removal regardless if you take it to a county recycle center for free. Porterdale does not recycle; 4. Pay taxes on your animals; 5. Leave a message on one of their recorders and never have to worry about them calling you back. What else can you all ask for?"

"I was calling about the new Denny Dobbs Park. I think it is real pretty. I live real close to it. I think it is great and if it was used in the right manner. If you are going to use it for a dope pick up or don't keep it clean, stay out from over there."

"I read in your Saturday, August 28th edition front page article titled 'SIU closes in on alleged drug uses.' I didn't even know Newton County even had a drug squad. There must be well over 100 drug houses in Newton County. Whoopee, they got one. This doesn't mean much to me. I have a child who is a senior in one of our local high schools. She has had to be around drugs in her school the entire time. She has had to go through dozens of lock downs as every one of these drugs were found with dogs brought in. If we have a county drug squad why can't they catch the dealers furnishing drugs to minors? Many of these drugs are prescription drugs. Drugs must come from a local drug store and not all from Mexico and would be easy to stop. I don't see where are drug squad is closing in on anything. I am thankful this is my daughters last year in school in Newton County."

"I want to comment on Newton County transportation, school transportation. I have repeatedly called him. They have changed my child's bus a couple of weeks ago from the one she has rode since we have been living here and this new bus driver is using profanity. He is screaming at the kids. He is swerving all over the road. He is getting them home late. We have repeatedly called transportation and nothing has been done. My granddaughter came home yesterday crying because he stopped in the middle of the road and made her walk to the front of the bus and got on to her because her feet were in the aisle when she was sitting in the back seat next to the wheel so she could not put her feet in. I think this is ridiculous. I know we are fortunate to have a bus because I am battling cancer and cannot drive my kids back and forth to school."

"To whom it may concern: If you are a woman, looking for a nice paying job, then the Newton County Water Authority is the place for you! You will be able to treat your customers like crap, not return their phone calls, all while charging absurd fees just for the fun of it! So if you're a grouchy woman in need of a job, please apply in person at the Newton County Water Authority! Thank you and have a nice day!"