ON THE BEAT: Man claims innocence in hit-and-run accident

On the Beat is an occasional reporting of various crimes and complaints confronted by law enforcement personnel in Newton County in the course of their duties. It is compiled by News Editor Barbara Knowles, who can be reached at barbara.knowles@newtoncitizen.com.

An innocent man

A man who fled from police after a reported hit and run crash went so far as to change his clothes so he couldn't be connected to the wreck. Nonetheless, Covington Police Department officers caught up with him, but he was able to explain that he wasn't at fault in the crash. He said "the lady had backed up into him and he had not rear-ended the lady." He was charged with several traffic offenses, including DUI.

Gotta have it

Two women shoplifters ran from loss prevention officers at Wal-Mart, but stopped when a CPD officer warned them they'd be Tasered. They had tossed their purses into a buggy and left them, but once recovered $148.02 worth of merchandise was discovered. Items included CDs, candy, feminine products and clothing.

• A juvenile male entered CVS on U.S. 278 and purchased a drink and requested that he be given a bag. The cashier gave him the bag and then watched as he stole a lock and several boxes of condoms. CPD was notified and once officers arrived, it was also discovered he had attempted to steal a toy cap pistol.

• A man reported to the NCSO that three guitars had been stolen from his front bedroom. Valued at a total of $1,200, they are described as a white Fender acoustic guitar; black, slim Epiphone guitar; and an Ibanez acoustic guitar.

Slow to return

A man complained to the NCSO that he had dropped off his 19-inch TV at a shop for repair sometime in March, but when he went back to pick it up the last week in August, the shop owner had thrown it away.

Not how it works

A 42-year-old man was observed by a Rite-Aid loss prevention officer putting a DNA paternity test kit into the front of his pants. When confronted, he told the officer he had put the kit back on the shelf in aisle 6. The loss prevention officer took him back to aisle 6 and then observed him attempt to put the item back on the shelf at that time. The loss prevention officer then told the man nothing doing and asked him to accompany him to the office. The man took off running and a fight ensued, but in the midst of it, he told the loss prevention officer that he had a bad heart and had to stop fighting. CPD arrived and took him to jail. His vehicle was picked up at the drug store by his wife.

Honesty best policy

A man who turned himself in to the work release program to be incarcerated for the weekend told his jailer that while en route to the jail he had struck a vehicle parked at Homer Sharp Stadium and failed to stop. The jailer also noticed an odor of alcohol emitting from the man and asked if he'd be willing to submit to a breathalyzer test. He blew a .20. The damaged vehicle was never located, but the intoxicated man was issued citations for DUI and failure to stop after striking an unattended vehicle.

Fast female

Residents called the CPD and said there was a female at their house, refusing to leave. While on the way to the residence, officers ran her information through the computer and found she had an outstanding warrant. When they arrived at the residence, she apparently decided to leave in a hurry. The woman spotted the officers and jumped a 6-foot fence and ran across Emory Street with officers giving chase. One of the officers was able to catch up with her and Tasered her, but only one probe struck her and didn't slow her down. She ran into a wooded area, down a hill covered with vines and weeds and then fell approximately 15 feet into a ravine, landing in a creek. She was checked out by EMS and cleared to go directly to jail.

What's an officer to do?

A woman called the NCSO to report that her dog sitter had apparently fallen down on the job. She had left strict instructions on how and when her two dogs were to be let outside in order to relieve themselves. One was to stay in a cage, but the other was given the run of the bedroom. When she came home after two weeks in Florida, she found feces on the bedroom floor and a corner of her bedspread drenched in urine. She said the dogs had lost between 10 and 15 pounds of weight. While the deputy was at the scene listening to this tale of canine woe, the dog sitter arrived and denied any wrongdoing. She said the only thing she can figure out that may have happened is that somehow the dog in the cage got out and then got back in, closing the door behind him. It was determined no crime was committed, and the deputy advised the two to work out their differences or to go through the civil process.

I wondered what

happened to that

A man called the NCSO to report a burglary five days after it happened. He said his neighbor recovered some of the stolen items from his back yard. Reported taken in the burglary was $150 in cash, a bottle of Old Thompson whiskey, a bottle of Coors Light beer, a drill bit set, a can of Grizzly chewing tobacco, a pack of Pall Mall cigarettes and a box of instant mashed potatoes.


A woman said she purchased several items at a local grocery store and noticed she had been overcharged for four items. She went back to explain to the cashier and she walked with him to the medicine aisle to show him the correct price of an item. While walking back to the register to make the adjustment, the woman said the cashier began pushing her with his hands on her shoulders and now her back and legs hurt.

How'd that happen?

A woman reported her 2000 Chrysler Sebring missing. She told NCSO deputies she leaves the keys in it all the time and it was still at her residence when she went to bed around midnight.

Keep pushing

A man reported someone stole his motorcycle from his driveway and said they would have had to have pushed it away from the house because the exhaust system is extremely loud and he would have heard it if someone had started the engine. He also said the gas tank leaked and there was no gas in the bike, so chances are the new "owners" will have to continue to push it.