Newton Poll - 09-11-10

The Newton Citizen Poll is a compilation of opinions submitted by readers. They do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Citizen newspapers. If you agree or disagree with something you read here, you may respond by e-mailing poll@newtoncitizen.com. Please remember that the Citizen Poll is not a forum for comments either for or in opposition to candidates seeking elective office.

"Hello there Newton County! Pork Chop here. You know what ticks me off? The two infants in last week's Citizen Poll complaining about Pork Chop. What's wrong -- are we teething? Mommy took the passy, shut up! I'm just providing comical relief for everyone, so now I will continue to write just to tick you off."

"Hello Citizen. It doesn't matter what the dapper don died of. What matters is the world became a better place when he died. Kinda like the world becoming a better place when a cure for polio was discovered. Have a nice day."

"I'm so comforted to know that the city's Lincoln Navigator was not bought with tax dollars but instead 'stolen' from a drug dealer."

"To the older gentleman at the Eastside-Newton game on Friday night: If you do not want to be around screaming and yelling kids at a football game, maybe you would enjoy a nice quiet night at the library. A game is meant for showing support for your team. Go Eastside!"

"The esteemed mayor of the city of Covington really thinks 'greenspace' is more important than replacing 80-year-old infrastructure. You have got to be kidding me!"

"To the person who commented about the Sheriff's Office only working 8-4. Do you really deem it necessary to have them all working 24 hours a day? In the event you need an investigator, believe me, there is one sitting somewhere, off the clock, waiting for that phone call. But it's not fair to make them sit in their offices waiting for your phone call about a half dead snake in the road. Maybe there was a miscommunication. There are deputies on patrol 24/7/365. And there's other sources available 24/7/365. But only when it's necessary. If you call asking for 'the sheriff' after 4 p.m., you will be told the Sheriff's Office is closed. If you call after 4 p.m. needing immediate assistance, you will be given immediate assistance by a deputy sheriff. In case you have your head under a rock, the county took some major budget cuts this year, greatly affecting the abilities of the Sheriff's Office. If they receive a call about your stolen ipod, it's not as important as the one where a husband is about to kill his wife. Please be considerate and patient. Understand that 'the sheriff' isn't always in the office. 'The sheriff' may be at home spending time with his family. Let those after hour operators up there know a little more; it could definitely benefit you."

"What happened to the Civic Center? We passed a SPLOST for it -- they collected money. What happened to all that money. What did they spend it on. And now they want another SPLOST. Why don't we have the SPLOST vote on the General Election with the county commissioners? May be they don't want to vote on a tax and stand for election. Chicken Politics. Instead of a special election were only a few thousand decide. You know a lot of things happen that just not right but we the people will stand around and let them do to us again. But what do I know, I am just the Village Idiot."

"We live in the Nelson Heights part of Covington like the couple on Cecilia Street who wrote in last week's opinion poll. We agree there are drug and shot houses all over the entire neighborhood. What we would like to ask the mayor is why don't your police arrest the people who bring the drugs and pills into our area? You only arrest a few people on the street who are black selling them. We agree with Council member Williams that the city treats blacks one way and whites another way. ... "

"Somehow our city/county leaders were fast talked/duped into building not one but two tunnels under streets in Covington. No one has ever seen anyone crossing the streets where these expensive tunnels were constructed. Furthermore, both of these tunnels are in proximity of two tracts of land owned by the same local wheeler-dealer. If anyone has ever seen a person crossing the streets ever where these tunnels were built under streets, please let me know. Why not put crosswalks at these two locations where no one ever crosses the street instead of wasting taxpayer money? You may already have noticed the streets most used by pedestrians don't have any tunnels. Whoever came up with this lame project should be tarred and feathered. 'Stupid is as Stupid does.' Forrest Gump."

"Citizens of Newton County, please, please contact your commissioners and tell them our code enforcement office needs more help. We only have two code enforcement officers and that is not sufficient for a county this size with all the problems we have. They must find the resources somewhere in the budget to get back the two code enforcement officers we lost."

"It's sad that we can't go to high school football games without being safe. People wonder why Newton High School has such a bad reputation. Their girl dancers with the band dress and dance inappropriately. They have thugs that attack our kids after the game. Parents, if you can't control your kids and teach them right from wrong, maybe you need to put them in military school and give the good kids a chance to succeed since we know your kids will end up in jail. But maybe that's where their parents are. The fight didn't happen at the stadium so the cops hired to work at the game couldn't be held responsible, but were there any cops working for the city that night patrolling the area? All it would take is an officer set up at Mill Street to hopefully deter some of this nonsense. Also I hope if those kids get caught, they charge them for a hate crime since the blacks attacked our white kids. We know if it was the other way around NAACP would be all over it!"

"To whoever is responsible, whether it be the city, the county or the state, Crowell Road and Highway 81 for about an hour a day if they could have a police man directing traffic right at the worst time sure would be appreciated."

"The Citizen Poll 'What do you think.' This is what I think: If you are paying someone to edit the comments and you are printing in the paper what Pork Chop says somebody needs to be fired."

"I was calling about the football game last night Newton/Eastside. It was a great game. I could not believe before the game started the playing of the national anthem there were several people around us on the cell phone. Now, to me that is appalling. I could not believe that. You have little patriotism in your system; you can't hang up the cell phone for 3 minutes to listen to the national anthem. I think that is completely pathetic."

"Diversity -- didn't that ship sail a long time ago. I know I was on it. Perhaps Councilperson Williams missed that boat -- I mean ship. Seems like everyone else on our council sailed. (Janet Goodman) was definitely on board. Loved her quip to Williams: 'I'm as black as you are.' Diversity -- we have been there and done that. My dad, God rest his soul, would probably say 'the more you stir poop the worse it smells,' and believe me I cleaned this thing up a lot."

"I want to say thank you to the Newton Hayriders for all the school supplies they donated to Cousins Middle School. I was wondering if the Newton Citizen would be doing an article on them anytime soon."

"I question whether it is proper for the water department to take up collections for non-profit. Everybody who reads the paper is aware of the cat and dog fight between the personalities on the Porterdale City Council. It seems one side is as bad as the other. I personally volunteer for a nonprofit and we do fundraisers periodically but we have never expected any utility to collect monetary donations for us. Snapping Shoals does collect but they have their own foundation which they administrate. They also pay their employees for the time required to keep these accounts. While the Porterdale folks are very well-intentioned I'm sure, I do not think it is appropriate to expect the local utility to provide banking services for them or any other non profit."

"This is in regards to the ongoing feud in the city of Porterdale against Councilman Robert Foxworth and some lady named Nancy Naya. Nancy, you have had the opportunity in the last couple of elections to vote Mr. Foxworth out of office which you and half the city of Porterdale refused. You had decent candidates running for office against Mr. Foxworth. The same people keep complaining about him but yet keep putting him back into office. So, my comment is this: Mr. Foxworth is doing an OK job so far."