Council to address parking

COVINGTON -- The drafting of an ordinance to address parking of commercial vehicles in residential areas within the city of Covington is continuing.

The City Council held a work session last week to hash out details. The council reached an informal consensus to prohibit the parking of commercial vehicles greater than a Class 5, defined as those weighing more than 19,500 pounds, or those longer than 25 feet, in residential neighborhoods. Vehicles exceeding those standards could be parked in residential areas only in an enclosed structure. The council also wanted to add a clause prohibiting allowed vehicles from obstructing roadways.

The ordinance would apply to the NR-1, NR-2, NR-3, or traditional neighborhood development districts, as well as CR and TCR, or multi-family districts.

Initially, the ordinance prohibited vehicles greater than a Class 3, but some council members worried that could interfere with residents who need to drive their work vehicles home, such as those who drive delivery trucks or wreckers.

The ordinance would not apply to recreational vehicles, including campers; class A motor homes; bus conversions; class B camper vans; class C motor homes; truck campers; folding trailers; pop-up campers; tent campers; travel trailers; teardrop trailers; hybrid trailers; fifth-wheel trailers; park modal trailers; toter homes; toy haulers; and other similar vehicles. It also would not apply to water craft such as boats, air boats, jet skis, wave runners and such.

Government vehicles, such as school buses, could also be excluded.

The council took up the matter after city resident Virginia Ann Hoffman complained about trailers, Bobcats and other vehicles that have been parked in her neighborhood for months.

"I don't want to restrict anybody that has a truck from making a living, but I just don't want construction equipment in front of my house," Hoffman said following the work session.

The ordinance has been sent to City Attorney Ed Crudup for review, and Planning Director Randy Vinson said he expects it will be on the council's Sept. 20 agenda. The ordinance requires two readings to be adopted.